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About Zimbabwe

: For a sensational insight into the landscape, history, culture and wildlife of Southern Africa, you cannot beat a tour of Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia is where the world’s largest sheet of moving water crashes dramatically down a series of gorges, providing the backdrop to some of Africa’s most exciting adventure sports. The mighty Zambezi River is a magnet for wildlife as well as adventure seekers and attracts thousands of animals and birds to Mana Pools and Zambezi National Parks. Moving further south, Hwange provides wonderful wildlife sightings around permanent water holes while the majestic Matusadona National Park on Lake Kariba is the best place to track Black Rhino on foot. For remarkable rock formations and more Rhino, visit the Matopo Hills, and to get a sense of how ancient African civilizations lived, include a tour of the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

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3 Countries Safari

Travel across 3 African countries by visiting South Africa's Cape Town, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta in Botswana.

itinerary: Cape Town - Victoria Falls - Chobe River - Okavango Delta - Maun
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Kalahari Desert to Victoria Falls

Discover the jewels of Botswana from Namibia. Traverse the untouched Caprivi Strip and witness the might of Victoria Falls. Then experience the Okavango Delta in a mokoro safari and game drive around Chobe National Park before closing with a responsible visit to a Bushmen village. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Ghanzi - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Windhoek
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Namibia, Botswana & Vic Falls

Make an epic journey to the heart of Botswana and Namibia. Admire the abundant wildlife of Africa experiencing safari adventures by boat and land, traverse from immense deserts and canyons to thundering waterfalls and discover the deep-rooted culture of its fascinating tribes.

itinerary: Windhoek - Rehoboth - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Aus - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Okonjima - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Ghanzi - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Rundu - Windhoek
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Highlights of Namibia & Botswana

Embark on an adventure to the top destinations in Namibia and Botswana. Game drive across the wildlife-rich reserves of Etosha, Chobe and the Okavango Delta, take in the stunning landscapes of Victoria Falls and the Sossusveli Desert, and learn about the ancient traditions of the Himba and the Bushmen. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Sossusvlei - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Ghanzi - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Rundu - Windhoek

Victoria Falls Adrenaline Junkie

Take a short adventure holiday around Victoria Falls. From Bungee jumping, white water rafting, elephant back safari, lion encounter and much more.

itinerary: Victoria Falls
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Victoria Falls and Northern Chobe

Visit Victoria Falls and Northern Chobe National Park. Enjoy sunset cruise on A'Zambezi river, game drive in Chobe and much more.

itinerary: Victoria Falls - Kasane - Chobe River - North Chobe - Victoria Falls

Luxury Victoria Falls Short Breaks

Visit mighty Victoria Falls and around the area in this luxury short breaks. Bush dinner, craft market visit, night game drive, rhino search are highlight activities.

itinerary: Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe Travel Guide

Country Guide

Zimbabwe Country Guide

This Southern African country is home to fascinating safari reserves with plethora of wildlife species and one of the most geologically significant landscapes in Africa, including one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Travel Guide

How to fit Victoria Falls into a multi country safari holiday

The breathtaking Victoria Falls are high on many visitors lists, within close proximity to fantastic national parks not only in Zamiba in Zimbabwe, but also nearby Botswana and with possible routes to Namibia too.

Travel Guide

Things you should know to book the best safari

Know when, where and how to plan an unforgettable a safari. Get all the perks and a quick understanding of the wide range of possibilities in safari travel, from accommodation and transport to local operators and budgeting.

Travel Guide

What are the different types of African safaris?

While planning a safari, you may think solely of the big vans driving around to see wild animals in their natural habitat, but a safari can be so much more, which makes the process rather unnerving.

Travel Guide

Top 5 safaris for first timers

Not sure which is the right destination for your first safari? Pick from the most hassle-free, best connected safari destinations and get some ideas on how to combine them with some beach time, adventure activities and fascinating African culture.

Travel Guide

Why the rainy season might be the best time for a safari

While the dry season brings the benefit of sunny weather and easy wildlife spotting, a safari during the rainy season might have enough surprises to change your mind.

Travel Guide

Meet Africa's top predators

Each and every of Africa’s top five alpha-predators has perfected a unique way of hunting and killing their prey, but which of them is at the top of the food chain?

Zimbabwe Top Destinations

Victoria Falls, With Bridge

Victoria Falls

One of Africa’s ‘must-see’ sights, Victoria Falls is the world’s largest sheet of falling water. Experience the spray on a cruise at the base of the falls, take the steam train across the famed Victoria Falls Bridge, or plunge head-first into the gorge below on a bungee-jump.

Hwange National Park, Cheetah, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park

Home to one of the world’s largest elephant populations, as well as an impressive number of African wild dogs, cheetah, rhino and hyena, Hwange National Park expands across grassy wetlands, Kalahari and mopane woodlands. Visit in the dry season when wildlife is most visible around limited water sources.

Mana Pools National Park, Defiant Cape buffalo, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park

Translating as ‘Four Pools’ in local Shona, the stunning and remote Mana Pools a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crocodiles and hippopotamus lurk in its ox-bow lakes, best spotted on canoe safaris, while you can get up close to zebra, impala and monkeys on walking safaris through its woodland forest.

Bushmen rock art, Matobo Hills National Park

Matobo Hills National Park

To the south of Bulawayo, Matobo Hills National Park is a spectacular landscape of red granite kopjes and lush valleys, with a rich history of Bushmen rock art. White rhino and leopard inhabit the hills and are best tracked on foot, while Verreaux eagles soar in the sky above.

Zimbabwe, Matusadona, Lake Kariba, Elephant Silhouette, Sunset

Matusadona National Park

On the edge of Lake Kariba, the rugged mountains and wildlife-filled plains of Matusadona National Park are home to one of the largest populations of Black Rhino in Africa, together with an exceptional bird life, ideally spotted on canoe and boat trips through the lake’s creeks and inlets.

Nyanga National Park, Impala, Zimbabwe

Nyanga National Park

Situated within the Eastern Highlands, Nyanga National Park is traversed by rivers and cascading falls, while wildebeest, zebra, impala and kudu inhabit its cool mountain slopes. Trek to the top of Mount Nyangani for stunning views across the park, and marvel at the ancient ruins of the Nyangwe and Chawomera Forts.

Harare, Milton Avenue, Jacaranda Trees, Zimbabwe


Home to excellent museums, such as the National Gallery and Queen Victoria Museum, as well as green retreats like the Mukuvisi Woodlands, Harare is not just another chaotic African capital. Wander its Jacaranda-lined streets and around the impressive Chapungu Sculpture Park, then head up to the Kopje for panoramic views over the city.

Safari Animals and Wildlife in Zimbabwe

All of the Big 5, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion, are resident in Zimbabwe, but if you want to see them all within the same park, then your best chance is at either Hwange National Park or Matusadona National Park.

Zimbabwe, ManaPools, Lions


Lions are found in most of Zimbabwe’s major parks, except Matobo Hills National Park, but for an up-close and on-foot encounter, go lion trekking in Mana Pools National Park. If you prefer the safety of a vehicle, Hwange National Park also offers good sightings.

Elephant herd, Hwange National Park


Both Mana Pools and Hwange National Parks offer sightings of large herds of elephant, particularly during the dry season when they venture in from the surrounding bush to the watering holes to refuel, bathe and play.

Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park, Rhino

Black and White Rhino

Rhino numbers declined sharply in Zimbabwe due to poaching and today your best chance of seeing them is in either Matusadona or Hwange National Parks, or alternatively visit the Save Valley or Bubye Valley Conservancies.

Hwange National Park, Sable Antelope, Ox Pecker, Zimbabwe

Sable Antelope

Zimbabwe’s national animal is the elegant Sable antelope, identified by its black body and white detailing on the face. Although fiercely defensive, its numbers have dwindled and today Hwange National Park is the only place in Zimbabwe where they can be spotted.

Mana Pools, Hippo, Zimbabwe


The waterways of Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks are the best place for hippo sightings within Zimbabwe, with the animals wallowing in the shallow waters and emerging with a hefty grunt at regular intervals.

Spotted hyenas on buffalo kill, Mana Pools National Park


While Spotted Hyena are relatively common throughout Zimbabwe’s major national parks, the Brown Hyena are only found in Hwange National Park. With a long, shaggy brown coat and elongated, pointed ears, they are smaller than Spotted Hyenas and sightings a rare but special occurrence.

Zimbabwe Unique Experiences

Helicopter view, Victoria Falls

Take a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

For unparalleled views of Victoria Falls stretching in all directions, take a low-flying helicopter flight above, allowing you to get up close to its thundering water and surrounding scenery.

Lake Kariba, Matusadona Safari Cruiser, Sunset, Zimbabwe

Wildlife spot on a Matusadona safari cruiser along Lake Kariba

With the tranquil waters of Lake Kariba lapping at your boat and Matusadona’s wildlife on your doorstep, luxury cruiser’s offer an unparalleled over-water safari experience where every creature comfort is included.

Great Zimbabwe, Main Tower and Wall Ruins

Visit the ruins of Great Zimbabwe

Wander the impressive stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe, built in the 11th century and one of Southern Africa’s oldest historical sites. Explore the Great Enclosure, Hill and Valley Complexes of this former Iron Age capital and witness the unique dry-stone technique used in its construction.

White water rafting on the Zambezi River

White water rafting on the Zambezi River

Whitewater rafting along the mighty Zambezi River below Victoria Falls is legendary, taking in spectacular scenery along the Bakota Gorge and grade 5 rapids, all under the instruction of highly experienced (and entertaining) guides.

Chimanimani Mountains waterfall

Hike through the Chimanimani Mountains

Situated in the Eastern Highlands, the Chimanimani Mountains offer spectacular hiking through tropical rainforest filled with rare wild orchids and cycads. Witness the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls and trek to the thousand year-old Big Tree.

Zimbabwe Safari Vacation Types

Safari guide tracking elephant herd

Classic African safari

Retiring to the comfort of a well-equipped permanent camp or luxury lodge after a day of game drives or walking safaris is the classic way to experience Zambia, with South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi’s luxury lodges both offering an outstanding level of comfort.

African Walking Safari

Walking safari

With Zimbabwean guides undergoing strict training, the standard is extremely high, making walking safaris within the country not only exhilarating, but also safe. Hwange, Matusadona, Nyanga, Matobo Hills and Mana Pools are all exceptional places to wildlife spot on foot, with the early morning hours ideal for bird watchers.

Airstrip in the Masai Mara National Reserve

Fly-in safari

Accessing all corners of Zimbabwe and its major national parks by vehicle means long days on the road, but fly-in safaris quickly whisk you from Victoria Falls and Hwange in the west up to the remote Mana Pools National Park in the north of the country.

Lower Zambezi National Park, Canoeing, Zambia

Canoe safari

Canoe safaris are an ideal way to explore both Mana Pools and Matusadona National Park, allowing you to get up close to hippos and crocodiles lurking in the water below, spot birdlife congregating on the shoreline, and be immersed in the magnificent scenery surrounding you.

Southern Africa map

Multi-country safari

With Zambia and Botswana right on its doorstep and wildlife free to roam across its borders, a Zimbabwe itinerary can easily be included in multi-country safaris. Mana Pools lies adjacent to Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park, while Hwange sprawls along the border with Botswana, not far from Chobe National Park.

Best time to visit Zimbabwe

May to October (dry season or winter). The dry winter season is considered the best for wildlife viewing, with little rain and a reduced risk of malaria. Nights get cool between June through to August, while days start to get very hot again in September/October and wildlife becomes concentrated around limited water resources.

November to April (wet season or summer). The wet season usually begins sometime in November with the majority of rainfall between December and March turning the landscape a lush green. While the bird watching is excellent during this period, some camps and lodges are closed. Victoria Falls is best at the end of this season when the the volume of water is at its height, although rafting on the Zambezi is considered best across the seasons (between August and December) when low water levels see the rapids exposed.

Zimbabwe Ethnic Groups

Nbebele traditional mask


The Nbebele inhabit the western region of Zimbabwe in small hamlets known as kraals where men live alongside their multiple wives and children. Women are traditionally farmers while cattle is reared for milk by men and considered a status symbol. A highlight of a visit to the Nbebele is a display of their famed Isitshikitsha dance.


Zimbabwe’s largest ethnic group, the Shona inhabit the country’s north and their ancestor’s legacy in the country dates back to the days of Great Zimbabwe. They believe strongly in the spirit world and are renowned for their artwork, including beautiful stone sculptures and fabric painting using sadza (maize), as well as their UNESCO Cultural Heritage listed dance, the Mbende-Jerusarema.

Festivals in Zimbabwe

Jikinya Traditional Dance Festival

Held each November in either Harare or Bulawayo, the Jikinya Traditional Dance Festival sees primary school children from across the country performing dances which celebrate their indigenous culture. This annual competition is hotly contested with spectacular traditional costumes and music to accompany.

Harare International Festival of the Arts

Featuring both local and international artists, the Harare International Festival of the Arts is held at the end of April each year in the capital, with musical performances, theatrical plays and visual art exhibitions accompanied by a large, traditional arts and crafts market.

Zimbabwe Gastronomy

While Zimbabwean cuisine has its traditional roots in the staple side dish of sadza and the use of maize throughout many of its dishes, British colonisation and trade with Europe left its mark with the introduction of many ingredients. These include spices, sugar, bread and tea - the drinking of which has become an important daily ritual for many in the country.

Kapenta, Dried Fish, Zimbabwe


Plucked from the waters of Lake Tanganyika and found in fishing villages along its shores, the sardine known as kapenta is a dried fish, often fried with onions and tomatoes and eaten alongside sadza.


Sadza is a white ‘mealie-meal' maize similar to thick porridge and is served alongside main dishes as an important source of carbohydrates. It is eaten by the hand, rolled into a ball and used to scoop up accompanying sauces.


Despite using ingredients brought from across the world, the delicious peanut stew known as dovi has become distinctively Zimbabwe. It normally features meat or chicken, cooked within a thick sauce of crushed peanuts, garlic, onions, tomatoes and chilli.

Shopping in Zimbabwe

Local markets selling traditional handicrafts and artwork are scattered across the country at major tourist destinations, with the Trading Post market at Victoria Falls offering one of the biggest selections, as well as connections with shipping agents if you want to purchase larger items. Boutiques in the major cities, including Harare and Bulawayo, also offer a wide range of souvenir items, while open workshops allow you to watch the artisans at work.

Stone Carvings, Victoria Falls

Shona Sculptures

Zimbabwe is one of the only African countries with large deposits of stone ideal for sculpting and the Shona people have taken advantage of this resource for hundreds of years through their sculpted depiction of traditional figures and animals.

African Masks


Traditional handicrafts, such as jewellery, masks and baskets are on display at curio shops throughout Zimbabwe, with boutique galleries in Harare and Bulawayo selling some of the finest quality available.

Hand-painted Ceramics and Pottery

Zimbabwe’s tradition of pottery and ceramic making dates back thousands of years, both for cooking and decorative purposes. Todays replicas, often beautifully hand-painted, are not just unique souvenirs of traditional culture, but also practical.

Other Destinations