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About Namibia

: Namibia is without doubt one of Africa’s most interesting and diverse tourist destinations with stunning scenery and exciting activities for all. Hike the Fish River Canyon (Africa’s largest canyon), climb the hauntingly beautiful sand dunes of the Sossosvlei at dawn, or explore Mount Spitzkop to see some of the best Bushman (Khoisan) rock art in the world. Go on a Bushman cultural tour to learn how these resilient people continue to live as hunter-gatherers in the harsh landscape, or choose a Safari in the Etosha National Park to see four of the African Big Five (no Buffalo), many predators and hundreds of species of birds. The desolate Skeleton coast has a stark beauty of its own - you can track the desert-adapted Elephants or choose a cultural tour to a Himba village. Enjoy fantastic adventure sports in Swakopmund and join Whale, Dolphin and Seal watching tour on the coast at Luderitz. Namibia has them all.

Namibia Tour Packages for 2019 - 2020

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All Around Namibia

The undisputed highlights of Namibia with the best selection of comfort lodges. Discover the top destinations in the north and south of the country including wildlife reserves, magnificent desert landscapes, photogenic colonial towns and remote tribal cultures. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Mount Etjo - Etosha - Hobatere - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Windhoek

Complete Namibia Adventure

Explore Namibia in-depth from north to south: the iconic deserts of Sossusvlei, the abundant wildlife in Etosha, the vast landscapes of the Kalahari, the photogenic ghost town of Kolmanskop, the breathtaking views of the Fish River Canyon and the fascinating culture of the Himba tribe. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Aus - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Okonjima - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Windhoek

Sossusvlei Desert Adventure

Discover why the deserts of Sossuvlei are the most photographed on Earth. Walk by the iconic acacia trees of Deadvlei and Hiddenvlei, then take in the majestic views of Sesriem Canyon before conquering the top of Dune 45, the highest in the world. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Windhoek

Sossusvlei & Kalahari Deserts

A journey to the most iconic desert landscapes of Southern Namibia staying in comfort lodges. Witness the vast Kalahari and photograph the stunning dunes of Sossuvlei, step in the other-worldly ghost town of Kolmanskop and stand on the edge of the impressive Fish River Canyon. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Sesriem - Sossusvlei

Namibia Family Safari

Make of your family vacation a Namibian adventure. From walking amidst towering sand dunes to spotting Africa's large mammals in one of the continent's top reserves, this trip will become the undisputed highlight of the family album. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Sossusvlei - Swakopmund - Twyfelfontein - Etosha - Waterberg - Windhoek

Etosha Safari & Himba Cultures

Explore Northern Namibia staying in luxury camps and cozy desert lodges. Spot iconic African species at Etosha, relax at the quaint towns of the Skeleton Coast then immerse yourself in the landscapes and tribal cultures of Damaraland.

itinerary: Windhoek - Mount Etjo - Etosha - Hobatere - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Windhoek
namibia, botswana, zimbabwe

Highlights of Namibia & Botswana

Embark on an adventure to the top destinations in Namibia and Botswana. Game drive across the wildlife-rich reserves of Etosha, Chobe and the Okavango Delta, take in the stunning landscapes of Victoria Falls and the Sossusveli Desert, and learn about the ancient traditions of the Himba and the Bushmen. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Sossusvlei - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Ghanzi - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Rundu - Windhoek

Etosha Wildlife Safari

Approach the scant waterholes in Etosha National Park which draw large numbers of animals from all over the plains. Have the safari of a lifetime taking advantage of Southern Africa's best wildlife-viewing opportunities. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Etosha - Windhoek

Essence of Namibia

The tour begins traveling across the strip of beautiful desert landscapes that cover Hardap region with a visit to the magical Namib Desert and its famous dunes of Sossusvlei, following North through the Naukluft and ever-changing desert landscapes to reach the town of Swakopmund. Here you can visit the beautiful Walvis Bay with its bay full of flamingos before moving northward parallel to the Skeleton Coast to visit Cape Cross, home to one of the largest colonies of seals in southern Africa.

You will then step into Damaraland, the land of Bushmen who have left their mark throughout centuries with petroglyphs on rocks and visit a Himba village in the South of Etosha National Park. Having exciting moments of safari through the park, we will continue until Bushmaland where you can spend a day with members of the tribe. Then enter the Khaudum National Park, one of the most remote and least explored area of the country. Back to Windhoek, spend the last night in Otjiwa Lodge, an excellent private wildlife reserve which is famous for its rhino population and the rare Sable antelope.

itinerary: Windhoek - Namib Desert - Swakopmund - Twyfelfontein - Etosha - Bushmaland - Otjiwarongo - Windhoek

Soul of Namibia

Stay in our hand-picked lodges and tackle the highlights of South Namibia in comfort. Explore the Kalahari and Sossuvlei deserts, lose your breath at the immense Fish River Canyon, walk the desert ghost town of Kolmanskop and get a taste of North Namibia with Etosha National Park. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Etosha - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Windhoek

Kaokoveld Conservancy Expedition

An expedition to the Kaokoveld is a journey into a spectacular and amazing region where you will be travelling on rugged 4x4 tracks to places that few other visitors have been and experiencing this remarkable ecosystem that can often be harsh, but also breathtakingly beautiful.

Our exclusive expeditions to Namibia pay utmost attention to making respectful visits to ethnic villages and nature reserves that ensure the preservation of the environment, local culture and heritage. 

itinerary: Swakopmund - Torra Conservancy - Hoanib River - Puros Conservancy - Kunene River - Orupembe - Swakopmund

Highlights of Namibia

Add the iconic deserts of Sossusvlei to the best route of Northern Namibia. This adventure takes the rich wildlife safaris of Etosha National Park, the Himba roots of Damaraland and the stunning marine views of Swakopmund before closing with the scenic landscapes of the Namib Desert. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Sossusvlei - Windhoek

Classic Namibia Experience

A great option for those who want to discover Namibia in comfort on a limited time: the wildlife of Etosha, the surreal landscapes of Sossuvlei, the adventure-filled Swakopmund and the deep-rooted culture and art of the Himba tribes in Damaraland. 

itinerary: Windhoek - Etosha - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Sossusvlei - Windhoek
botswana, zimbabwe, namibia

Namibia, Botswana & Vic Falls

Make an epic journey to the heart of Botswana and Namibia. Admire the abundant wildlife of Africa experiencing safari adventures by boat and land, traverse from immense deserts and canyons to thundering waterfalls and discover the deep-rooted culture of its fascinating tribes.

itinerary: Windhoek - Rehoboth - Kalahari - Keetmanshoop - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Aus - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Okonjima - Etosha - Grootberg - Twyfelfontein - Swakopmund - Ghanzi - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Rundu - Windhoek

Sossusvlei Desert & Etosha Safari

A week-long journey that takes you to both of Namibia's undisputed highlights: a safari around the wildlife-rich waterholes of Etosha National Park and the surreal landscapes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert.

itinerary: Windhoek - Etosha - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Windhoek

Namibia Suggested Itineraries


South Namibia Deserts and Canyons 7 Days

Windhoek - Kalahari - Fish River Canyon - Luderitz - Kolmanskop - Namib Desert - Sossusvlei - Windhoek

Explore southern Namibia’s spectacular desert landscapes and national parks during a one week itinerary.

Safari, Landscape, Indigenous Visit

North Namibia Ethnic Tribes and Safari 7 Days

Windhoek - Swakopmund - Damaraland - Skeleton Coast - Etosha - Windhoek

Travel Namibia’s shipwreck-strewn coastline and wildlife spot in Etosha National Park on a one week itinerary through the country’s north.

Safari, Wildlife, Landscape

Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls 7 Days

Maun - Okavango Delta - Caprivi - Chobe - Victoria Falls

Explore the landscapes of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, two of Botswana’s premier wildlife-viewing destinations and Zambia’s Victoria Falls.

Safari, Landscape, Indigenous Visit

Complete Namibia 14 Days

Windhoek - Kalahari - Fish River Canyon - Kolmanskop - Namib Desert - Sossusvlei - Swakopmund - Damaraland - Skeleton Coast - Etosha - Windhoek

Experience Namibia’s desert landscapes, tribal people and outstanding wildlife viewing destinations on a two week itinerary.

Namibia Travel Guide

Country Guide

Namibia Country Guide

Fascinating Namibia has all the elements required for an exhilarating holiday in Africa, especially for those who love the Great Outdoors. The country has some of the most unusual landscapes.

Travel Guide

Magnificent safari in Namibia's Etosha National Park

Waking in the pre-dawn cold, I couldn’t predict anything was worthy of forcing me out of the warmth of my sleeping bag. Etosha was a ‘must-visit’ destination, and now I understood why.

Travel Tips

A respectful visit with Namibia’s Himba tribe

The Himba have long allured travellers, drawn to their ochre-coloured skin and elaborate hairstyles. Today, many villages have opened their doors to tourists hoping to share in the beauty of a simpler way of life.


An insight on Himba culture and traditions

While this group of nomadic pastoralists live between two worlds today, they have retained many of their ancient traditions, including the OtjiHimba language, a unique social structure and distinct body adornments.

Travel Guide

How to choose the best safari tour operator?

Learn what elements you should look for in a safari operator, avoid the most common mistakes of first-timers and make of your safari adventure in Africa a life-long memory.

Travel Guide

Namibia's desert-adapted wildlife - where to see it

Understand the geography and diversity of Damaraland, Kaokoland and the Namib Desert as you learn about the unique features and behavior of its elephants, lions and other rare desert-adapted species.

Travel Guide

African safari - which country to choose?

While the quintessential image of an African safari is one of driving through a sparsely vegetated plain with lions or elephants, the adventures that await are vastly different. See what each country has on offer and where they stand out.

Travel Tips

Top 12 photography destinations in Africa

Discover sub-saharan Africa's top 12 photography spots, from bustling cities and crumbling colonial towns to striking desert landscapes and gorilla-filled jungles. Mark them on the map for your next holidays and get your shutter clicking.

Namibia Top Destinations

Red Sand Dune and Dead Acacia Tree, Sossusvlei, Namibia


Flanked by sculpted red sand dunes, the salt and clay pan of Sossusvlei within the Namib Desert is a spectacular landscape. Climb to the top of Dune 45 for a breathtaking sunrise, take in the surreal, barren landscape of nearby Deadvlei, and wonder at the sheer cliffs of the Sesriem Canyon.

Rhino in Okaukuejo Waterhole, Etosha, Namibia

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s premier wildlife viewing destination, home to huge herds of elephant, endangered black rhino, and elusive cheetah, best spotted from the lit watering holes. When the rains descend, the Etosha salt pan houses large communities of wading flamingo, as well as countless migratory bird species.

Flamingos, Walvis Bay, Namibia


Home to a wide seaside promenade and colonial-era architecture, Swakopmund is Namibia’s adventure sports capital with everything from free-fall parachuting to surfing and sand boarding on offer. Venture 30 kilometres south to Walvis Bay where a picturesque lagoon provides an important breeding ground for countless seabirds, flamingos and pelicans.

Himba Women Group, near Opuwo Town, Namibia


The harsh and remote landscape of the Kaokoland is a true wilderness, interspersed with life-giving hot springs and waterfalls. The rugged Baynes Mountains overlook small villages where the ancient, semi-nomadic Himba people still practice their traditional way of life and desert-adapted elephant roam in search of sustenance.

Boat carcass on shipwreck, Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast National Park

Stretching along the Atlantic Ocean, the immense Skeleton Coast National Park is home to more than one thousand shipwrecks, as well as giraffes, lions, springbok and baboons, that congregate around its riverbeds. Noisy fur seal colonies dot the coast, most easily accessed at Cape Cross.

Buck behind the bush, Caprivi Strip

Caprivi Strip

A patchwork of forests and wetlands, cut by rivers, the lush Caprivi Strip that juts into Botswana, Zambia and Angola stands in stark contrast to much of Namibia. Numerous game reserves house a large diversity of antelope, together with buffalo, elephant and hippos, while the birdwatching opportunities are impressive.

Landscape with Granite Boulders at Sunrise, Brandberg Mountain, Namibia


The untamed and rugged area referred to as Damaraland in the northwestern Namib Desert is a spectacular land of deep-cut gorges, granite koppies, and barren bushland. Brandberg Mountain towers over the landscape, home to the eery million year old Petrified Forest, and the pointed inselberg of Spitzkoppe, shrouded in ancient San Bushman legend.

Safari Animals and Wildlife in Namibia

Eelephants Covered in White Mud, Nebrownii Waterhole, Etosha, Namibia

Desert-adapted elephant

With larger feet and longer legs than the savannah dwelling African bush elephant, the desert-adapted elephants of Damaraland and Kaokoland have learned to survive in this barren landscape. These difficult-to-find mammals are able to go several days without water, travelling in small groups and rolling in desert dust to keep parasites at bay.

Black Rhino, Etosha, Namibia

Desert-adapted Black Rhino

Whilst the rare Black Rhino can be spotted throughout Namibia, the desert-adapted Black Rhino of Namibia’s northwestern Kunene Region is particularly special. Believed to be the only free-ranging population of its kind in the world, encounters alongside expert trackers allow you to witness them up-close.

Brown Fur Seal Colony, Cape Cross, Namibia

Cape fur seals

The Cape fur seals of the Namib coastline can be found frolicking on the beach, basking in the sun and feeding on the rich waters brought by the cold Benguela Current. These massive animals are best witnessed at the Cape Cross breeding colony where thousands upon thousands congregate en masse amidst much noise (and pungent odour).

Brown Hyena, Kalahari Desert, Namibia

Brown hyena

While found throughout most parts of Namibia, Brown Hyena are most easily observed along the southern Namib Desert coastline where they have adapted their food source to sea-dwelling prey. Here they live in high densities, feeding on sea bird carrion and fur seal carcasses.

Cheetah Looking, Okonjima, Namibia


The fast and agile cheetah is an elusive creature to find, but with Namibia boasting the largest number of remaining wild cheetah in Africa, its wildlife parks offer the best opportunity. If you don’t get lucky then head to the Okonjima Nature Reserve where captive cheetahs are being lovingly rehabilitated.

Namibian Unique Experiences

Himba woman portrait

Make a visit to a Himba tribe

The Himba are one of Africa’s most iconic tribes, living within the remote, mountainous landscapes of northern Kaokoland. Visits to this semi-nomadic group, adorned with ochre and traditional copper-wire jewellery, offer a glimpse into their ancient traditions and unique lifestyle.

Abandoned Houses in Sand, Kolmanskop Town, Namibia

Explore the ghost town of Kolmanskop

The once-thriving diamond mining centre of Kolmanskop is now a sand-filled ghost town, where the desert has enveloped every corner of its abandoned houses. Arrive early to take advantage of the atmospheric light that beams through these neglected buildings.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Hike through Fish River Canyon

Namibia’s Fish River Canyon is the second biggest of its kind in the world and the 85 kilometre, five-day trek along its riverbed is one of the continent’s most challenging hikes, offering stunning sunrise and sunset over its awe-inspiring sandstone-layered cliffs.

Bushmen Hunters, Kalahari Desert, Namibia

Explore the Kalahari Desert with the San Bushmen

Considered one of the world’s oldest cultures, the San Bushmen have survived in the arid Kalahari Desert for more than 100,000 years and the opportunity to witness first-hand their expert hunting and gathering techniques, together with their rich culture, offers a unique perspective on this landscape.

Bushmen Rock Engravings, Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Discover the rock art of Twyfelfontein

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein is an astounding rock-art gallery with more than 2500 engravings. This ancient perennial spring is adorned with depictions of animals such as elephants and rhinoceros which once lured hunters here.

Lioness walking down a sand dune, Skeleton Coast National Park

Fly in to the remote Hoanib Camp

Set within a starkly stunning and remote corner of the Skeleton Coast, the Hoanib Camp is only accessed by chartered flight, making it one of Namibia’s most exclusive encounters with the region’s desert-adapted wildlife.

Namibia Safari Vacation Types

Huab River Valley Lodge, Damaraland, Namibia

Classic African safari

With excellent camps and lodges to choose from to suit all traveller types, as well as highly experienced guides and local experts, traditional African safaris through Etosha, the Namib Desert and the Caprivi Strip are the most popular way to see the country’s wildlife, with plenty of time for adrenalin-rush activities in Swakopmund.

Helicopter view, Namib Desert

Helicopter safari

The remote and often barren landscapes of Namibia are simply breathtaking from the air, and helicopter flights over Sossusvlei’s towering dunes, the Namib Desert and the Skeleton Coast take in these wind and water-carved landscapes in spectacular fashion.

Flight over the Namib Desert

Fly-in safari

If long days driving don’t appeal to you, then experience Namibia on a ‘fly-in’ safari, accessing all of the country’s major sights. Chartered flights will whisk you from one lodge or camp to the next, with plenty of time for game drives and on ground exploration in between.

Off road vehicle with equipped tents

Self-drive safari

Few countries are so well tailored to self-drive safaris than Namibia. With safe, sealed roads cutting through its diverse ecosystems and national parks that allow un-guided vehicles, there’s no better place in Africa to travel independently.

Mobile safari

Mobile safari tent

For those who want to be immersed in Namibia’s landscapes, with wildlife right on your doorstep, then consider a mobile tented safari with comfort options to suit all budgets. Follow the wildlife action from the coast, through Etosha and the Caprivi Strip, or combine with the Okavango Delta in neighbouring Botswana.

Best time to visit Namibia

May to October. The dry winter months are considered the best for game viewing in Namibia with clear skies and little rain meaning that animals are congregated around the limited water sources, and the risk of malaria reduced. Early morning and nights are often surprisingly chilly during late-May through to mid-August.

November to April. Outside of the dry desert areas, the landscapes of Namibia are transformed into a lush green during the wet summer rains and this is the best time to visit if you want to see flamingos in Etosha or capitalise on the bird watching opportunities throughout the country. Temperatures soar from November to February, with the afternoon showers a welcome relief.

In-depth details for the best time to visit Namibia

Namibian Ethnic Groups and Tribes

Women making Traditional Hairstyle, Himba, Namibia


Descending from the Herero, the Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralists who inhabit the Kaokoland region. They have maintained their rich culture, despite modern incursions, wearing simple loin cloths and goat-skin skirts, rubbing their bodies with beautifying red ochre, and adorning themselves in intricately designed jewellery.

Bushman Hunter, Kalahari Desert, Namibia

San Bushmen

Inhabiting the harsh Kalahari Desert, the San Bushmen are one of Africa’s most revered hunters and visits offer a fascinating insight into their ancient lifestyle, well-documented in the rock art throughout the country. Once nomadic, they are now settled largely in villages where tribesmen can be followed on game hunts and women observed producing the famed Bushmen handicrafts.

Traditional Huts, Herero Village, Namibia


Inhabiting the central and eastern parts of Namibia, the Herero are a tribe of cattle pastoralists whose wealth is measured in livestock. The females dress strikingly in Victorian women’s dresses with a horn-shaped hat, representing those of a cow, and they are most visible at the annual Maherero Day festival in Okahandja.

Festivals in Namibia

Equestrian Rider Statue from German Era, Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek Karneval Festival

Held in April each year, the Windhoek Karneval is one of Namibia’s biggest cultural events, featuring music, carnival parades and a masked ball. The celebration is a legacy of the German occupation in the region and a distinctively German style of merry making pervades the atmosphere.

Herero Girl, Namibia

Maharero Day Festival

Maharero or ‘Heroes’ Day is celebrated every August in Okahandaja to commemorate Namibia’s war heroes, particularly Herero chief Samuel Maharero, amidst much colour and ceremony. Herero women adorn their traditional attire and military processions parade through the streets, accompanied by music and song.

Enjando Street Festival

Held in Windhoek every March, the Enjando Street Festival or ‘Mbapira’ is a vibrant gathering of traditionally dressed dancers, musicians and entertainers that take to the streets for two days of celebrations, drawing Namibians together from all walks of life.

Namibian Gastronomy

Namibia’s cuisine reflects the influence of not only its eleven different ethnic groups, but also its German colonialists and South African neighbours. While fruit, nuts, wild plants and game once provided the staple for indigenous societies, after cattle was domesticated by the Khoisan, this featured heavily in local dishes and street-food. The influence of the Germans is still found in schnitzel and lager beers, while a few of South Africa’s creations have been perfected here.

Biltong, Namibian Food


Despite originating in South Africa, Namibia is known for making some of the best biltong in Africa due to the quality of meat available. Marinated, spiced and then left to dry for two weeks, it makes for a popular snack.

Kepana, Namibian Food


You’ll hear ‘Kapana men’ spruiking their meat on the street throughout Namibia’s townships long before you arrive at the grill where chunks of beef are cooked then ladled with peppers, onions, chillies and sauce, drawing people to eat and socialise.

Walvis Bay oysters, Namibian Food

Walvis Bay oysters

The cold Benguela current that travels along Namibia’s coast from Antarctica creates nutrient-rich waters ideal for the cultivation of oysters, and those in Walvis Bay are particularly revered, best accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine.

Shopping in Namibia

If you’re looking for shopping malls and designer boutiques then look no further than the capital, Windhoek. But for traditional handicrafts there are markets across the country and lodge curio shops that sell locally-produced items. Look for original Bushmen crafts throughout the Kalahari region, including ostrich eggshell beadwork, and other regional specialties such as Karosse rugs and Herero dolls that are unique to Namibia.

African Masks on Market, Okahandja, Namibia


Namibia is known for producing some excellent wood carvings, ranging from panels to masks and animal figures. The best place to buy is from the woodcarving cooperatives in Okahandja, drawing artisans from across the country.

Gem Desert Rose, Namibia

Crystals and Gems

Namibia is blessed with rich deposits of natural minerals, and while prices for crystals and gems are high, there are some rare finds, such as Desert roses resulting from naturally compressed sand, a well as iridescent, golden Tiger’s eye.

Herero dolls

Herero Dolls

With their colourful, billowing skirts and horned headwear, the soft, handmade Herero dolls make for a quirky souvenir. Each one is slightly different (with some holding babies), perfectly reflecting the unique personalities of these indigenous women.

Other Destinations