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About Myanmar

: Emerging as Asia’s ‘must-see’ destination, Myanmar is still relatively untouched by mass tourism. Visit elaborate Shwedagon Pagoda in the southern colonial capital of Yangon before touring the religious and culturally rich area of Mandalay, Sagaing and Inwa located in the country’s heart. Float in a hot air balloon to witness the amazing sun rise over thousands of temples on the plains of Bagan. In the east of Myanmar, a visit to the ethnic minority villages spread across the Shan Plateau and floating villages in Inle lake is a must. In the west, climb amongst the clouds to the ‘sky island’ peak of Mount Victoria in Chin State, explore the ancient archaeological sites of Mrauk O, or soak up the tranquility on the tropical white sand beach of Ngapali. A Myanmar tour combines beautiful natural landscapes, rich cultural diversity and friendly people ready to share their country with the outside world.

Myanmar Tour Packages for 2019 - 2020

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Best of Myanmar in Two Weeks

Journey into the very heart of Myanmar to its ancient temples, pagodas, massive Buddhist monuments, beautiful landscapes and the mesmerizing Inle Lake. 

Guaranteed departures on every Monday with a minimum of 2 persons.

itinerary: Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Kyaukme - Monywa - Myinmu - Bagan - Mount Popa - Kalaw - Taunggyi - Kekku - Inle Lake - Yangon

Ethnic Tribes of the Shan State

Explore the remote corners of the Shan State in Myanmar. Get dazzled with the pagodas of Yangon, navigate Inle Lake and embark on an trek to its rich mosaic of ethnic cultures. 

itinerary: Yangon - Kyaing Tong - Taunggyi - Kakku - Inle Lake - Loikaw - Yangon

Mrauk U Temples & Ngapali Beach

Embark on a mystical journey to the temples of Mrauk-U, one of Myanmar's archaeological gems, visit the tattooed-faced Chin tribe, and enjoy paradise at Ngapali Beach. 

itinerary: Yangon - Mrauk-U - Sittwe - Ngapali Beach - Yangon

Classic Burmese Treasures

This highlight tour will take you to the ancient temples and pagodas of Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon, plus an in-depth visit to Inle Lake to see leg-rowing fishermen and its floating villages.

Guaranteed departures on every Sunday with a minimum of 2 persons.

itinerary: Yangon - Bagan - Mt Popa - Mandalay - Sagaing - Ava - Mandalay - Pindaya - Inle Lake - Yangon

Trekking in the Ethnic Shan State

Go beyond the tourist trail and explore the rural life of the Shan State. Trek the quaint countryside of Hsipaw and Pindaya, cruise Inle Lake, and visit the golden pagodas of Yangon and Mandalay. 

itinerary: Yangon - Pindaya - Inle Lake - Mandalay - Sagaing - Ava - Lashio - Hsipaw - Pyin Oo Lwin - Yangon

Bagan Balloon Ride & Mt Victoria

Admire the stunning Buddhas of Yangon, fly over the pagodas of Bagan on a hot air balloon and venture off the beaten path to the villages and monasteries of the Chin State.

itinerary: Yangon - Bagan - Mount Victoria - Mindat - Pakokku - Mandalay - Yangon

Essential Myanmar in One Week

Get dazzled by the shiny Shwedagon Pagoda, witness sunset at Bagan's temples, discover Manadaly's former royal capitals, and sail across the picturesque Inle Lake.

itinerary: Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Sagaing - Ava - Inle Lake - Yangon

Myitkyina, Bagan & Ngapali Beach

An itinerary that balances the must-see pagodas and temples of Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay, little explored Myitkyina and Indawgyi Lake, and the paradise beaches of Ngapali. 

itinerary: Yangon - Myitkyina - Indawgyi Lake - Mandalay - Bagan - Ngapali Beach - Yangon

Burmese Buddhist Pagodas

Travel back in time to a land of ancient golden pagodas, gargantuan Buddhas and the charming folk life of Kalaw. See why Myanmar is still one of Asia's best kept secrets. 

itinerary: Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Mingun - Kalaw - Inle - Yangon

Myanmar Suggested Itineraries

Highlights, Culture

Classic Myanmar 10 Days

Yangon - Mandalay - Bagan - Pindaya - Inle Lake - Yangon

Experience the top cultural highlights of Myanmar on this classic 10-day itinerary visiting Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and the atmospheric pagodas and islands of Inle Lake.

Highlights, Culture, Adventure

In Depth Myanmar 14 Days

Yangon - Mandalay - Mingun - Pyin Oo Lwin - Bagan - Mount Popa - Inle Lake - Yangon

Explore Yangon before touring the ancient cities of Mandalay. Be awed by Bagan and go hiking through the villages of the Shan State to encounter the stunning scenery of Inle Lake.

Highlights, Culture, Adventure

Temples of Bagan and Angkor 12 Days

Yangon - Mandalay - Monywa - Bagan - Mount Victoria - Angkor

Experience two of Asia's most spectacular temple complexes on this 12-day itinerary to Bagan and Angkor, including visits to the pagodas of Yangon and Mandalay.

Culture, Adventure, Indigenous Visit

Ethnic Groups of Shan and Kayin State 14 Days

Yangon - Kyaing Tong - Taunggyi - Inle Lake - Loikaw - Yangon

Discover the cultural diversity of Myanmar's ethnic minorities on this two-week adventure through the Shan and Kayin states from the lively city of Yangon.

Culture, Indigenous Visit, Beach

Chin and Rakhine State 10 Days

Yangon - Mrauk U - Chin villages - Ngapali Beach - Yangon

Experience the pagodas of Yangon and the ancient temples of Mrauk U, explore the life of ethnic Chin villages and crown your trip in Ngapali Beach.

Highlights, Culture, Beach

Best of Thailand and Myanmar 14 Days

Yangon - Inle Lake - Bagan - Mandalay - Chiang Mai - Ko Phi Phi - Bangkok

From the plains of Bagan to the tropical islands of Ko Phi Phi, experience the best temples and beaches of Myanmar and Thailand in two weeks.

Myanmar Travel Guide

Country Guide

Myanmar travel guide - where to visit

The new ‘must-see’ Southeast Asian destination, combining magnificent landscapes with an ancient cultural legacy that displays itself with an entrancing beauty.

Travel Tips

5 Tips for exploring ancient Bagan temples

Rising from the plains like thousands of mushrooms after the rains, the temples of Bagan are one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites and must-see cultural wonders of Southeast Asia.


8 ways to experience Inle Lake in Myanmar

There are some places you intend to visit for only a few days, and then those few days unknowingly turn into a week or more. Inle Lake is one of those destinations.

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7 tips for taking travel portrait photography

Travel photography is about creating images that convey your journey - the landscapes you witnessed and the people you met - from your unique perspective.

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Myanmar (Burma) Top Destinations

Bagan, Myanmar


With more than 4,000 ancient pagodas scattered across the plains of Bagan, this archaeological site boasts one of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets from atop Shwesandaw Pagoda. Explore its centuries-old architecture and mural paintings by bicycle, witness the gold leaf-gilded stupa of Shwezigon, or float above its unique landscape on a sunrise hot-air balloon tour.

Inle Fisherman, Myanmar

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a captivating landscape of floating villages and plantations, where an unique lifestyle has evolved, including a distinctive foot-rowing method used by the region’s fishermen. Visit the island artisan workshops and famed Phaungdawoo Pagoda, and experience the bustle of the five day floating market which draws ethnic groups from across the surrounding region.

Shwedagon Pagoda Skyline, Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon’s diamond-encrusted, gold leaf pagoda (and the country’s most sacred) dominates the skyline of Yangon. It is alive with the comings and goings of locals who elaborately display their devotion the enshrined Buddha relics with offerings of flowers. Wander its colourful temples, statues and artwork, and take in the magnificent photographic opportunities from Kandawgyi Lake.

Chair with Umbrella, Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Ngapali Beach

For white sandy beaches and warm, turquoise waters, head to the palm-lined beach of Ngapali in the Bay of Bengal. This former fishing village has blossomed into Myanmar’s premier beach resort, where days are spent relaxing on the beach and dining on freshly caught seafood.

Sunrise, Mrauk U, Myanmar

Mrauk U

The ancient stone temples and pagodas of Mrauk U in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State are scattered throughout villages where modern life beats alongside. These archaeological ruins are an excellent example of traditional architecture from the Arakanese kingdom, featuring intricate carvings and stonework, and with few visitors, you may have them largely to yourself.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Golden Rock, Myanmar

Golden Rock Pagoda, Kyaikhtiyo

Teetering over the edge of a cliff on Mount Kyaikhtiyo, the Golden Rock Pagoda is an incredible sight and one of Myanmar’s most famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Trek the 11 kilometres from the base camp at Kinpun, or opt for the short walk from Yatetaung.

Myanmar (Burma) Top Cities

Silhouette of U Bein Bridge Sunset, Amarapura, Myanmar


Mandalay, the former capital of Myanmar’s kingdom, is a city draped in culture and history, home to the magnificent Golden Palace Monastery and traditional handicraft workshops. Witness the elaborately carved marble slabs of the Kuthodaw Pagoda, the impressive U Bein Bridge and silk weaving looms of Amarapura, then travel south to Inwa where intricate wood carvings are on display at the Okkyaung and Bargayar Monasteries.

Shwedagon Pagoda with City, Yangon, Myanmar


Myanmar’s commercial centre, Yangon, is a city where lively Asian street scenes are juxtaposed against the faded colonial charm of this former capital. Experience the chaos and street-food of Chinatown, wander through the crumbling colonial mansions, and visit the country’s most sacred pagoda at Shwedagon.

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

Pyin Oo Lwin

Situated at more than 1,000 metres above sea level, the cool-climate town of Pyin Oo Lwin makes an ideal escape. Explore the beautiful botanical gardens of Kandawgyi, the waterfalls of Pwekaku, and the stalactites and stupas of Peik Chin Myaung cave, then take the spectacular rail journey along the Gohteik Viaduct to Naung Pein.

Kambawzathardi Golden Palace, Palace of Bayinnaung with tree, Bago, Myanmar


Just to the north of Yangon, Bago’s beautiful ancient temples and monuments are an ideal day trip for those interested in Myanmar’s history. The town is home to the immense Mon-style golden Shwemawdaw Pagoda, as well as the 55-metre long reclining Buddha at Shwetharlyaung Pagoda and the intriguing Kanbawzathadi Palace.

Kyauk Kalap Pagoda, Hpa An, Myanmar


The picturesque town of Hpa-An is the capital of Karen State, and surrounded by a spectacular karst landscape waiting to be explored. Visit sacred Mount Zwegabin, hike through the Great Dawna Mountain Ranges, cruise along the Thanlwin River, and take in the views en route to the former capital of British Burma at nearby Mawlamyine.

View of Irrawaddy River, Sagaing Hill, Myanmar


Sagaing once served as Myanmar’s capital and is now its religious centre, with sacred Sagaing Hill home to numerous Buddhist monasteries and nunneries where monks can be witnessed observing their strict discipline. To the north lies Mingun, famed for its unfinished pagoda, as well as the wave-like terraces of the Mya Thein Tan Pagoda.

Myanmar (Burma) Unique Experiences

Rocky Beach, Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Island-hop the Mergui Archipelago

The far south of Myanmar is home to the largely unexplored islands of the Mergui (or Myeik) Archipelago, dispersed across the Andaman Sea and home to pristine beaches, excellent diving and an outstanding biodiversity.

Wall Walk Road to Mandalay, Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

Cruise along the Ayeyarwaddy river from Mandalay to Bagan

Cruise the waters of the Ayeyarwaddy River from Mandalay to Bagan, taking in the mesmerising local village life and spectacular sunrises and sunsets en route.

Falam Town with few houses, Chin State, Myanmar

Trek through the remote landscapes of Chin State

Adventurous travellers should head to the remote Chin State in Myanmar’s west. This undeveloped region offers magnificent wildlife spotting and trekking through small ethnic villages, backed by Nat Ma Taung’s spectacular peak.

Elephant Walking for Bath, Myanmar

Visit Myanmar’s largest national park at Alaungdaw Kathapa

Wildlife lover’s shouldn’t miss Alaungdaw Kathapa, Myanmar’s largest national park and an important pilgrimage site, where rare Clouded Leopards and Himalayan Brown Bears can be spotted during elephant trekking safaris.

Local village women return from the fields, Shan Hsipaw, Myanmar

Visit the ethnic minority villages surrounding Inle Lake

From the high-altitude hill station of Kalaw, trek across the stunning Shan Plateau to Inle Lake, visiting small ethnic minority villages and sacred sites, such as the Pindaya Cave.

Best time to visit Myanmar (Burma)

November to February. The peak tourist season is during the cool winter period from November to February, and while temperatures are moderate with almost no rain, some morning mist can cause flight delays.

March to May. The summer dry season between March to May can be unbearably hot, particularly throughout the central plains, although cooler temperatures in the high altitude regions like Shan State or Chin State make this a good time to visit.

June and October. The tropical climate of Myanmar results in heavy southwest monsoon rains between June and October, making many roads impassable, particularly along the coast and Ayeyarwaddy Delta region.

Myanmar (Burma) Ethnic Groups

Pa O Tribe, Shan, Myanmar


Scattered across Shan State, the Pa-O are a Buddhist ethnic group of Tibeto-Burman ancestry, often visited on treks across the Shan Plateau around Inle Lake. They are easily distinguished by their dark, indigo coloured dress and head wraps in bright oranges and reds, and are known for their annual Fire Rocket festival for the bringing of rain.

Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Village, Baan Tong Lhoung Long Neck, Chiang Mai, Myanmar


The Padaung are one of the most immediately recognised of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities, easily distinguished by their long-necked women, adorned in brass rings. While many fled to refugee camps across the Thai border in the ‘80s and ‘90s, there are still communities throughout Kayah State, and you will see a few posing for photos on Inle Lake.


Situated along Myanmar’s mountainous north-western border with India, the Naga ethnic minority are easily distinguished by the conical red hats worn by the men, adorned in wild boar teeth and feathers. The annual Naga festival in January is a great time to visit, with communities gathering from far and wide for celebrations including music, dance and feasting.

Festivals in Myanmar (Burma)

Phaungdawoo Festival, Gold Swan Boat, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda Festival

The annual Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda Festival takes place on Inle Lake every September/October to coincide with the Buddhist month of Thadingyut. Traditionally dressed pilgrims flock to Inle to follow the parade of Phaungdaw Oo’s sacred Buddhist statues around the lake, as well as dancing, music and lively traditional longboat races using a feet-rowing method seen nowhere else in the world.

Thingyan Water Festival

The Burmese Water Festival known as Thingyan occurs in mid-April, ushering in the New Year amidst wild scenes of water-throwing throughout its four to five days. The entire country takes to the streets to soak one other (only the elderly and monks are off-limits), accompanied by music and dance, in a symbolic gesture of cleansing the previous year’s bad luck and sins.

Fire Balloon Festival in Taunggyi

Taunggyi’s enchanting annual Fire Balloon Festival takes place in November to coincide with the Tazaungdaing full moon celebrations. It features thousands of lanterns, beautifully lit with candles, and the release of hundreds of balloons of all shapes and sizes by competing teams, which float above in the night sky and explode with fireworks in a dramatic display.

Myanmar (Burma) Gastronomy

Burmese cuisine is heavily influenced by the diversity of its ethnic minority groups, each with their own distinctive ingredients and preparation techniques. Chinese, Indian and Thai influences can also be found, with rice noodle soups and salads both popular street foods. While fresh fish and seafood feature heavily throughout the coast, they are also salted, fermented or transformed into pastes and used throughout inland dishes, alongside meat and poultry.

Coconut Noodle, Burmese Food

Mohinga and Coconut Noodle

One of Myanmar’s favourite breakfast dishes is mohinga - a fish-based broth with rice noodles and topped with hard-boiled egg or banana stem. Another popular start to the day is coconut noodles - a delicious mix of chicken and chickpea flour in coconut milk.

Shan Noodle with Pork, Burmese Food

Shan-style Noodles

Served either dry or in a broth, Shan-style noodles feature marinated chicken or pork with flat rice noodles and are a famed dish throughout Myanmar’s Shan State. It is topped with garlic or chilli oil and is usually served with a side of pickled vegetables.

Market-Burmese Sweet, Yangon, Myanmar

Street Sweets

Sweets known as ‘moun’ are served by street-side vendors throughout the country and eaten alongside tea as a mid-meal snack. Coconut or sticky rice flour is commonly used as a base, with fruit as a natural sweetener.

Pickled Tea Leave, Lephet, Myanmar


Lephet or fermented tea is considered a delicacy in Burma, one of only a few countries where the leaf is eaten as well as drunk. It is often combined with cabbage, beans, nuts, chilli and garlic into a pickled tea leaf salad.

Shopping in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has a rich cultural tradition of arts and crafts made from locally sourced materials, including lacquerware, jewellery, textiles and paintings. Markets selling these products can be found throughout the country, as well as artisan workshops where you can watch the makers at work. If you need to stock up on last minute souvenirs before departing, Bogyoke Aung San Market in the heart of Yangon is home to more than 2,000 stalls selling a large range of handicrafts.

Burmese Imperial Jade Ring and Bangle, Myanmar

Gem Stones

Myanmar is renowned for its precious and semi-precious stones which are exported throughout the world and of an exceptional quality. Ruby, jade and sapphire can all be bought from authorised government-run shops or auctions, with guaranteed customs permits.

Colorful Textiles, Myanmar


Watching textile workers using traditional looms in Myanmar’s workshops is an experience in itself, and purchasing the blankets, shawls and longyi (traditional sarong) produced makes for an ideal souvenir. Each region boasts its own unique style and quality, but for those after premium silk garments, Amarapura is a ‘must’.

Traditional String Puppet, Marionette, Myanmar

Marionette and Traditional Embroidery

Originating in central Myanmar, marionettes and traditional embroidery paintings are a combination of both art and handicraft that exemplify the country’s cultural heritage and make for an elegant home display piece. They feature intricate painting with elaborate embellishments and are made using a highly skilled hand.

Other Destinations