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Mongolia Tour Packages for 2019 - 2020

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Dunes of the Gobi Desert

Let us take you straight to the heart of Mongolia as you visit the historical capital of Karakorum, the striking sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, the epic scenery of Eagle Valley, and stay at authentic ger camps. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Khustai - Karakorum - Ongi - Bayanzag - Khongor - Eagle Valley - Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian Steppe Riders

Ride a horse for 8 days through the vast plains of Mongolia on a journey to the stunning Naiman Nuur and Khustai National Parks, staying with nomad families, traditional ger camps, and your own camping caravan. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Elsen Tasarkhai - Naiman Nuur - Tuvhun - Karakorum - Khustai - Ulaanbataar

After Black Ibex Footprints

Visit the remote west area of Mongolia to you track the elusive and beautiful Black Ibex, as you take in the sublime landscapes of the least visited area in the Gobi Desert. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Khar-Us Lake - Altai Mountains - Great Gobi - Ulaanbaatar

Grand Golden Eagle Festival

Check one of the most iconic festivals in Asia off your list. Stay with an authentic Khazak nomad family and get introduced to eagle hunting before attending the world-famous Golden Eagle Festival. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Ulgii - Tolbo Lake - Ulaanbaatar

Birds from the Steppes

Catch some of the most unique bird species from the asian steppes of Mongolia as you take in the mind-blowing landscapes of Terelj, Khustai, Elsen Tasarkhai and Ugii Lake, with short visits to Karakorum and Ulaanbataar. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Terelj - Khustai - Ugii Lake - Karakorum - Elsen Tasarkhai - Ulaanbataar

Cycling Central Mongolia

Cycle the wild landscapes of Mongolia as you discover the history of Ulaanbataar and Karakorum, the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai, and the spectacular landscapes of the Orkhon Valley and the Khentii Mountains.

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Khentii Mountains - Terelj - Elsen Tasarkhai - Arkhangai - Orkhon Waterfall - Karakorum - Ulaanbaatar

Naadam Festival Adventure

Be witness to the cultural climax of Mongolia attending the legendary Naadam Festival famous for its archery and wrestling competitions, then travel to Karakorum, the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai and Khustai National Park. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Terelj - Khustai - Karakorum - Tsenkher - Elsen Tasarkhai - Ulaanbaatar

Golf in Mongol Lands

Play at Bogd Camp and Mount Golf Clubs set in the spectacular landscapes of Mongolia, tour the deep-rooted heritage sites of Ulaanbataar, and stay in an authentic ger camp in the scenic Terelj. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Terelj - Ulaanbaatar

Great Conquerors of Mongolia

The ideal all-around tour in Mongolia: explore the Gobi Desert on a Bactrian camel, ride Mongolian horses on vast scenic plains, stay in nomadic ger tents, and visit its wealth mountains and glaciers. 

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Amarbayasgalant - Uran Togoo Volcano - Khuvsgul Lake - Murun - Khorgo - Tsenkher - Karakorum - Ongi - Bayanzag - Khongor - Eagle Valley - Ulaanbaatar

Gobi Caravan Deluxe

Take on the vast wilderness of Mongolia riding across sublime valleys as you visit nomad families, go on a camel safari at the awe-inspiring dunes of the Gobi Desert, and spend a night in a traditional ger camp.

itinerary: Ulaanbaatar - Khongor - Bayanzag - Terelj - Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia Top Destinations

Erdene Zuu Monastery, Mongolia

Discover the Orkhon Valley’s Erdene Zuu Monastery

Visit the first Buddhist monastery to be built in Mongolia at Erdene Zuu Khiid, which forms part of the Orkhon Valley’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the ornate architecture of its three remaining temples and the Golden Prayer Stupa, with thangka paintings and tsam masks adorning the interiors.

Gengis Khan statue, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

Experience the modern buzz of Ulaanbaatar

Standing in stark contrast to the peaceful countryside of Mongolia is the pulsing capital of Ulaanbaatar. Witness the country’s largest monastery at Gandan Khiid and the seated bronze statue of Genghis Khan, take in a performance of traditional dance and throat singing at the National Academic Dance Theatre, then people watch in the Black Market of Naran Tuul.

Horse riding, Naiman Nuur National Park, Mongolia

Go horseback riding through the steppes of Naiman Nuur

Travel on horseback through alpine meadows ignited in wildflowers and conifer forests to the “Eight Lakes” of Naiman Nuur Nature Reserve. Enjoy magnificent views of the Khangai Range, with sightings of black-throated loon, great cormorants and whooper swans.

Traditional Mongolian ger

Stay in a traditional Mongolian ger

Experience the traditional nomadic life of Mongolia in a cosy and colourful ger dwelling, set within the country’s remote wilderness landscapes. Enjoy warm hospitality, hearty cuisine and luxurious touches, coupled with unforgettable star gazing in the never-ending skies.

Bactrian camerls, Khongor, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Ride a Bactrian camel across the Khongor Sand Dunes of the Gobi Desert

Set within the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, the Khongoryn Els are the most spectacular dunes in Mongolia. Travel on the back of a unique Bactrian camel to explore the wind-swept landscapes of these “singing dunes”, with breathtaking views towards the surrounding steppe.

Mongolian Unique Experiences

Amarbayasgalant Monastery, Mongolia

Visit the Iven Valley’s Amarbayasgalant Monastery

Nestled at the base of Mount Buren-Khaan in the north of Mongolia, Amarbayasgalant Khiid is one of the country’s largest Buddhist complexes. Wander amidst the 30 Manchu-style temples of this active monastery, with distinct Tibetan and Mongolian influences in its ornate exteriors.

Kazhakh Riders in Golden Eagle Festival, Mongolia

Photograph Khazakh riders at the Golden Eagle Festival

Taking place each October near the town of Olgii, the Golden Eagle Festival celebrates the traditions and culture of western Mongolia. Enjoy the lively parades and musical performances, then watch the main event as Khazakh horsemen hunt foxes and hares with their specially trained golden eagles.

Altai petroglyphs, Mongolia

Explore the Petroglyph Complexes of the Mongolian Altai

Set across three rock art sites in the Altai Mountains, these UNESCO World Heritage-listed petrogylphs exhibit the development of human culture in Mongolia over 12,000 years. Witness traditional hunting scenes and the horse-dependent lifestyle of the Scythian and Turkic periods, as well as ancient funerary and ritualistic monuments.

Mongolian Monasteries

Overnight in a Monastery within Bogd Khan National Park

Go hiking to the 18th-century ruins of Manjusri Monastery, which are set amidst the pine-covered mountains of one of the world’s oldest national parks. Admire its cave paintings and Buddhist deities, then bunk down beside the monks in a room overlooking Bogd Khan Mountain.

Tsaatan reindeer rider, Mongolia

Meet the Tsaatan reindeer herders of the taiga

Travel to Tsagaan Nuur Lake in northern Khovsgol where the nomadic Tsataan people have herded reindeers for generations. Learn about their shamanic beliefs and unique way of life that is dependent on both their reindeer and the subarctic evergreen taiga forests of Mongolia.

Naadam Festival opening ceremony, Mongolia

Get an introductionto Mongolian sporting culture at the Naadam Festival

Witness the colour, energy and competition of traditional Mongolian sports at the annual Naadam Festival. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed cultural event takes place throughout the country each summer, with Mongolian wrestling, horseback riding and archery the highlights.

Deer Stones, Uushgiin, Mongolia

Witness the Bronze and Iron age deer stones of Uushgiin

Believed to have been erected by nomads up to 4,000 years ago, the ancient deer stones of Uushgiin lie to the west of Moron. Admire these mysterious carved megaliths that depict flying deer and are thought to be associated with the hundreds of burial tombs found in the surrounding mountains.

Make a pilgrimage to the Tovkhon Monastery

Located at the top of Shireet Ulaan Uul mountain, Tovkhon Khiid is one of Mongolia’s most picturesque and auspicious monasteries, built by the Tibetan Buddhist leader Zanabazar. Follow the pilgrimage route that leads up to the monastery, stopping at Zanabazar’s boot print and entering the cave of rebirth.

National Parks in Mongolia

Khorgo landscapes, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Explore the volcanic landscapes of Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

Trek to the crater of Khorgo Uul, whose ancient lava flows have created fascinating formations like the deep cave of “Yellow Dog’s Hell”. Marvel at the stalactites that adorn the national park’s caverns, then relax on the lakeside beaches of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Go hiking through Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Trek to the glacial lakes and hot springs of Gorkhi-Terelj, one of Mongolia’s most popular and easily accessible national parks. Go rafting along the Tuul River or mountain biking through the lush green landscapes, then admire the aptly-named Turtle Rock and Praying Lama Rock.

Wild horses, Khustain Nuruu National Park, Mongolia

See wild Mongolian horses in Khustain Nuruu National Park

Protecting Mongolia’s takhi wild horse, the Khustain Nuruu National Park sprawls across forested steppe to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar. Embark on a guided trek to spot not only takhi, but also Asiatic deer, steppe gazelle and lynx, with sightings best at dawn and dusk.

Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

Explore the scenic landscapes of Lake Khovsgol

Nicknamed the “Blue Pearl of Mongolia”, Lake Khovsgol is the centrepiece of this magnificent national park, set within a landscape of Siberian taiga. Take in the views while hiking through the Tsartai Ekh Uul mountains, follow the lake shore trail by horseback or go kayaking to explore its hidden coves.

Siberian Ibex, Ikh Nart Reserve, Mongolia

Wildlife spot in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve

Travel into the community-run nature reserve of Ikh Nart to spot rare Siberian ibex, with its name translating as “rocky with plenty of sunshine”. Its arid Gobi landscapes are also home to argali, the largest wild mountain sheep in the world, and the stealthy cinereous vulture.

Siberian white cranes, Gun Galuut Reserve, Mongolia

Birdwatch in the wetlands of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

Explore the diverse ecosystems of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve that range from high mountains to lush wetlands teeming with life. Witness rare wild sheep on the sprawling steppe and go birdwatching in the Tsengiin Burd wetland to spot Siberian white cranes, cinereous vultures and swan goose.

Other Destinations