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Iran Tour Packages for 2018 - 2019

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Persian Express

Cover Iran's essentials in less than a week, visiting the bustling Tehran, the islamic architecture of Isfahan and the persian heart of Shiraz. 

itinerary: Tehran - Shiraz - Isfahan - Tehran

Secrets of Azerbaijan

Venture off the beaten path and explore the rugged northwest of Iran, which awaits with bustling bazaars, medieval towns and Armenian churches. 

itinerary: Tehran - Masuleh - Sarein - Kaleybar - Tabriz - Kandovan - Zanjan - Hamedan - Kermanshah - Isfahan - Shiraz

Best of Iran

Spice up the classical route with the oasis towns of Garmeh and Chak Chak, then visit the opulent mansions in Kashan and the picturesque Abyaneh. 

itinerary: Shiraz - Persepolis - Yazd - Chak Chak - Garmeh - Isfahan - Abyaneh - Kashan - Tehran

Essential Iran

The classic route of Iran takes you from the sublime mosques of Isfahan and the maze streets of Yazd to the mighty Persepolis and bazaars of Shiraz. 

itinerary: Tehran - Shiraz - Persepolis - Yazd - Isfahan - Tehran

Persian Deserts

Tour the mosques of Isfahan, the gardens of Shiraz and the mazeways of Yazd, adding the mud citadels and sand castles of Kerman.

itinerary: Tehran - Shiraz - Kerman - Zeinoddin - Yazd - Isfahan - Abyaneh - Kashan - Persepolis

Iran Travel Guide

Travel Guide

7 reasons to visit Iran

Iran is probably not the first country you think of and up until a few years ago, but things have changed dramatically and the Islamic Republic is now opening up its doors and making travel to Iran easier than ever.

Iran Top Destinations

Sheikh Loft Allah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Admire the exquisite Islamic architecture of Esfahan

Considered one of the finest cities in the Islamic world, Esfahan is renowned for its blue-tiled buildings and grand religious monuments that are among the most important in Iran. Wander through its UNESCO World Heritage-listed Imam Square and cross the picturesque bridges of the Zayandeh River, then tour the majestic Ali Qapu Palace to admire the mosque minaret views from its terrace.

Persepolis ruins, Iran

Visit the magnificent Achaemenid ruins of Persepolis

The crowning glory of the Achaemenid Empire, one of the largest empires in history, the Unesco-listed ruins of Persepolis include stunning reliefs, monumental staircases and immense gateways guarded by mythical sculptures. Tour the royal palaces, tombs and halls, then visit the Haremsara museum to see artefacts discovered during the site excavations.

Old city, Kashan, Iran

Witness the traditional merchant mansions of Kashan

Home to 19th-century mansions and an elaborate bazaar, Kashan is a captivating oasis city set behind imposing mud-brick walls. Visit the beautifully restored house of Khan-e Ameriha with its two hammams and a secret escape tunnel, then admire the intricate stone reliefs and fine stucco work in the house of Khan-e Tabatabei.

Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran

Explore Tehran’s Golestan Palace Complex

Originating as a citadel in the Safavid era, the Golestan Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed complex of palaces, gardens and artworks where royal weddings and coronation ceremonies once took place. Be amazed by the mirrored audience hall and throne of Takht-e Marmar, then tour the Royal Museum where decorative artworks collected by the shahs are displayed.

Old city, Yazd, Iran

Get lost in the maze-like laneways of Yazd

An ancient trading post in the desert, World Heritage-listed Yazd is a captivating maze of historic streets and lanes. Explore the house of Khan-e Lari with its badgir wind tower and traditional doors, admire the blue-tiled dome of the Sayyed Roknaddin Mausoleum and visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple whose sanctum flame has been burning since 470 AD.

Be awed by the Persian gardens and poet’s tombs of Shiraz

Visit the marble Tomb of Hafez and pay your respects at the Tomb of Sa’di, two of Persia’s most celebrated poets, in what has been nicknamed the “City of Roses”. Then wander the World Heritage-listed Eram Gardens that were laid out in the 13th century, with their flow of water and symmetrical aesthetics designed as a “paradise on earth”.

Unique Experiences

Choqa Zanbil ziggurat, Iran

Witness the ancient stepped pyramid of Choqa Zanbil

Considered the best surviving example of Elamite architecture, Choqa Zanbil is an immense, stepped ziggurat that was constructed from red bricks around 1250BC. Explore the paved courtyards, underground tombs and sacrificial stones of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, built to honour the great god Inshushinak in what was once a lush and fertile region.

Bandari woman, Qeshm Island, Iran

Explore the cultural landscapes of Qeshm Island

The largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island is home to traditional Bandari villages where women adorn their faces in tattoos and colourful masks. Stop in the traditional fishing village of Laft, explore the world’s longest known salt cave in the Qeshm Geopark and go diving on wrecks from the Iran-Iraq War.

Traditional tea house, Tehran, Iran

Meet the locals at a chaykhaneh tea house

People watch and meet the locals while sipping tea in one of Iran’s chaykhaneh cafes. Much like bars in the west, they are a popular place for people from all walks of life to socialise in the evenings and smoke qalyan pipes, with many serving traditional Iranian snacks and dishes.

Sand castles, Iranian desert

Photograph the mysterious “sand castles” in the desert of Kaluts

Eroded over thousands of years, the sand castle-like rock formations of the Kaluts appear like towers and forts within the vast Dasht-e Lut desert. Visit in the early morning or late afternoon when they are illuminated by the low-angled light, creating a magical photographic setting.

Traditional caravanserai, Iran

Spend a night in a caravanserai

Built to promote trade along ancient routes, caravanserais were designed to accommodate both merchants and their camels. Some have been beautifully restored to offer a romantic glimpse into the life of a Persian trader, with the 400-year old Zein-o-din Caravanserai one of the most atmospheric.

Go shopping at the Tabriz bazaar

Shop for Persian carpets, herbal remedies and traditional Azari hats in the immense covered bazaar of Tabriz. The labyrinthine lanes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are divided into quarters that specialise in specific goods, with numerous caravanserais and magnificent domed halls to explore.

Meet Khamseh nomads in the Zagros Mountains

Overnight in a traditional nomad tent in the Bavanat Valley where the Khamseh people congregate from April to October. Learn about the traditional lifestyles of this confederation of Arab, Nafar, Baharlu, Inalu and Basseri tribes that have long earned a living through sheep herding by camel-back.

Ride camels in the oasis village of Garmeh

Surrounded by date palms, the mud village of Garmeh is a charismatic Iranian oasis and a great base for exploring the arid landscapes of Nakhlestan. Go camel trekking to the nearby hot springs or through the surrounding salt deserts, with the silence and serenity all part of the allure.

Explore the stepped village of Masuleh

Considered one of Iran’s most beautiful villages, Masuleh’s stepped, mud houses cling to a dramatic hillside in the far northwest of the country. Sip tea on one of the many terrace rooftops, shop for halva in the tiny bazaar and go hiking to explore the surrounding mountains.

Visit the Armenian monasteries in West Azerbaijan

Learn about Iran’s Armenian culture at the UNESCO-listed Armenian monasteries of West Azerbaijan. Witness the black and white stonework of the St. Thaddeus Monastery that has seen it nicknamed the “Black Church”, then admire the ancient, cross-designed architecture of the Chapel of Dzordzor.

Hike through the mountainous landscapes of the Alamut Valley

One of Iran’s most magnificent hiking destinations, the Alamut Valley is dotted with waterfalls, caves and raging rivers. It lies beneath the soaring peaks of the Alborz Mountains and is home to the Castles of the Assassins, a collection of medieval fortresses built by the Ismaili sect, one of the world’s most feared religious cultures.

Experience Iranian hospitality during an Islamic festival

Be invited into a family home or to a local mosque to experience the welcoming nature of Iranians and the unique etiquette of taarof. Whether it’s Friday prayers, breaking the Ramadan fast or celebrating Eid al-Adha, the warmth and politeness of Iranians is an art in itself.

Visit the mud citadels of Rayen and Bam

Famed for its date palms, the World Heritage-listed city of Bam is the largest adobe structure on earth, with its mud-brick buildings being meticulously rebuilt following an earthquake in 2003. Don’t miss a visit to the nearby citadel of Rayen to explore its mud-built ramparts that are believed to be more than 1,000 years old.

Breathtaking Mosques

Imam Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Imam Mosque (Esfahan)

Renowned for its Safavid-era architecture and blue-tiled mosaics, Esfahan’s Imam Mosque is one of the most beautiful in the world, set within the complex of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Witness the exquisite decorations on the courtyard’s sunken porches and the beautifully crafted marble Mihrab, then take in the views towards the towering turquoise minarets from the main sanctuary.

Pink Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

Nasir ol Molk Mosque (Shiraz)

Built at the end of the 19th century, the Nasir ol Molk Mosque or “Pink Mosque” in Shiraz is a photographer’s favourite. It features stunning stained glass windows, beautifully carved pillars and traditional glazed ceramics that are best viewed with the early morning sunlight streaming through.

Muslim women, Qom, Iran

Jamkaran Mosque (Qom)

Topped by its blue-green domes and minarets decorated with Persian tiles, the Jamkaran Mosque is an important pilgrimage site for Shia Muslims. Tuesday evenings are the most auspicious here as it is believed that the Holy Imam visits, with hundreds of pilgrims coming to pray and leave areeza requests in the well behind the mosque.

Jameh Mosque, Yaze, Iran

Jameh Mosque (Yazd)

An outstanding surviving example of Azari architecture, the Jameh Mosque in Yazd features one of the highest tiled entrance portals in Iran. Listen to the call to prayer radiate from its two soaring minarets and explore the highly detailed interior that features elaborate faience mosaics on the sanctuary dome and the 14th-century Mihrab.

Imam Reza Shrine (Mashhad)

Considered a city within a city, the Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad is the largest mosque in the world, housing not only the mausoleum of Imam Reza, but also the Goharshad Mosque and numerous other buildings. Wander its opulent courtyards and admire the golden minarets and dome, then admire the ancient carpets, inscriptions and tomb covers of the Astan Quds Museum.

Jameh Mosque (Esfahan)

Built over 800 years, the Jameh Mosque in Esfahan is considered a museum of Islamic architecture and one of the largest working mosques in Iran. Wander beneath the 15th-century porches that surround the ablutions fountain, admire the Mongol-era ornamentations on the elaborate south iwan and witness the treasures and Quranic inscriptions in the Room of Sultan Uljeitu.

Other Destinations