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Travel is a feast to the senses, and a journey is never complete until you literally taste each country. Redefine the meaning of adventure by discovering a new world through your taste buds and delight on a universe of colors, aromas, flavors and textures with every bite. A country’s food can say as much as its architectural and natural wonders, it provides a genuine understanding of the culture, brings you closer to its people, and enriches your travel experience in a unique way. Embark on a quest through lively markets to sample tempting street delicacies, enjoy dinner at premium restaurants tasting the mouthwatering creations of their renowned chefs, or take part in an authentic cooking class that will help you bring these moments back to life on your return. Pick any of these adventures and spice up your travels.

Exotic Asia

Feast upon yummy snacks, aromatic soups, fiery curries and sizzling dishes that breathe scents of lemongrass, tamarind and coriander from a distant world. A savory journey of royal banquets and a street-food nirvana awaits.

Latin American Fusion

Explore a realm of tempting corn treats, citrus-infused seafood, earthy salsas, and juicy grills that will take your palate straight to paradise. Come and see why in Latin America gastronomy is an ever-changing art.

European Delicatessen

Unearth the culture of beer and wine, taste an array of cheeses that go from the nutty to the moldy, and explore a microcosm of exquisitely curated meats and savory seafood. Discover the heart of Europe through its heavenly flavors.

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