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About Egypt

: Bridging the continents of Africa and Asia and home to one of the world’s most ancient civilisations, Egypt is a mesmerising destination. Immerse yourself in the chaos of Cairo’s streets and souks home to stunning architecture and world-class museums. Witness the unmatched grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza and Temple of the Sphinx on the capitals’ outskirts, and head north to the Mediterranean elegance of Alexandria. Travel south along the mighty Nile River where ancient temples and tombs are a magnificent testament to the Ancient Egyptian civilisations that prospered along its banks. To the west lie atmospheric deserts, dotted with impressive rock formations and lush oases where natural springs feed fertile agricultural landscapes. To the east the underwater wonderland of the Red Sea awaits, together with the beach resorts and Christian pilgrimage sites of the Sinai Peninsula. A firm favourite amongst travelers, Egypt will leave you captivated.

Egypt Tour Packages for 2019 - 2020

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Egypt Oasis Desert Safari

Explore Cairo city, witness amazing Great Pyramids in Giza Plateau, enjoy the beautiful dunes of Black Desert, discover the unusual natural formations in White Desert, walk through the ancient temples of Luxor and experience the desert life of the ancient Egyptians through Bahriya Oasis, Dakhla Oasis and Kharga Oasis. In this 8 days tour, you will appreciate the stunning scenery and history of Egypt’s desert paradise.

itinerary: Cairo - Bahriya - White Desert - Black Desert - Dakhla Oasis - Kharga Oasis - Luxor - Cairo

Holy Family Pilgrim in Egypt

In this 10 days tour of Egypt, you will be taken to the places believed to have been travelled by the Holy Family. Explore Coptic Orthodox churches in Old Cairo, Tell Basta, Al Minya, Sakha and Samannoud, and spend the whole day retreat in Wadi Natron. Following the steps of the Holy family with this tour, enhance your understanding of your Biblical or Christian heritage within the context of a relaxing vacation.

itinerary: Cairo - Tell Basta - Samannoud - Wadi Natrun - Al Minya - Cairo

Egypt Local Life and Villages

This 9 days Egypt tour offers a pleasant blend of the hustle and bustle of Cairo and the tranquil oasis town of Fayoum. Stroll the busy streets of Cairo and learn how to cook authentic Egyptian meals. Visit Fayoum oasis to discover a completely different area with a beautiful scenery and abundant flora and fauna. Embark on this trip, as we walk through the history and culture of Egypt.

Arrival preferably on Thursday or Friday.

itinerary: Cairo - Faiyum - Delta - Cairo

Cruise along the Nile like a Pharaoh

Follow the Pharaohs' footsteps along the Nile river. Explore the Egyptian history in Cairo, touch the pyramids and see the eternal Sphinx in Giza Plateau, pay respect the tombs of Pharaohs in Valley of Kings in Luxor, walk through the ancient temples of Edfu and witness the amazing Egyptian engineering of unfinished obelisk in Aswan. Discover the unearthed secrets beneath the desert sands of Egypt with this 8 days amazing Nile cruise tour.

itinerary: Cairo - Luxor - Esna - Edfu - Kom Ombo - Aswan - Cairo

Egypt Red Sea - Diving in Hurghada

Egypt is much more than ancient monuments and pyramids. Just beyond its desert shore lies beautiful reefs and clear water. In this 8 days tour, you will explore Cairo city, visit amazing pyramids in Giza plateau and dive in the world class dive sites of Red Sea in Hurghada including Fanadir Reef, Giftun Island, Carless Reef and Fanus Reef. Dive sites in Hurghada are famous for its beautiful coral reefs, great visibilities, plenty of tropical fishes and offers a wide range of dive possibilities for experienced divers as well as not experienced ones.

itinerary: Cairo - Hurghada - Cairo

Luxury Nile Cruise and Red Sea Resort

Discover the land of Pharaohs and its mystery on this 11 days tour of Egypt. From the amazing sights of the Great Pyramids in Giza, Rameses temples carved in a small hill of Abu Simbel, cruise along the Nile river through Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Luxor to witness the ancient Egyptian legend and end your tour relaxing on the beach of Hurghada in Red Sea.

itinerary: Cairo - Aswan - Abu Simbel - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Luxor - Red Sea - Hurghada

Saint Catherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai

Embark on this spiritual Egypt tour to retrace the footsteps of Moses as he climbed Mt. Sinai to received the 10 Commandments from God and enjoy a historical and religious tour to see St Catherine’s Monastery that purports to hold the burning bush that appeared to Moses. Together with a visit to Great Pyramids of Giza Plateau, the Egyptian Museum and Khan Al Khalili oriental bazaar in Cairo.

itinerary: Cairo - St Catherine's Monastery - Cairo

Diving in Red Sea - Sharm El Sheikh

Explore Sharm El-Sheikh's rich reefs diving paradise on this diving adventure tour. Head into the warm waters of the Red Sea and leave the remote desert behind you, as you explore the amazing underwater scenery of Ras Mohammed National Park, Tiran Island, Ras Um El Sid Bay, Temple, Amphoras and White Knight Bay. With 2 dives per day in this crystal-clear waters, lovely coral reefs and beautiful tropical fishes together with a visit to Great Pyramids in Giza plateau and Cairo city.

itinerary: Cairo - Sharm El Sheikh - Cairo

Alexander The Great Trail in Egypt

Follow in the steps of Alexander the Great - from the city he ordered to be built to the middle of the desert where the oracle of Siwa gave him the answer his heart desired. This is the perfect tour for the ones who want to combine Egyptian ancient history with adventure in the desert.

itinerary: Cairo - Alexandria - Siwa - Cairo

Sea, Desert and Adventure

Live out your Egyptian dreams come true with this 8 days scenic tour by visiting the famous Giza Pyramids in Cairo, retracing the footsteps of Moses in Mt.Sinai, hiking through the magnificent Sinai Coloured Desert Canyon in Nuweiba, diving around the sunken shipwrecks with the colourful coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh.

itinerary: Cairo - St Catherine - Sharm El-Sheikh - Nuweibaa - Cairo

Egypt Travel Guide

Country Guide

Where the desert meets the sea - exploring Egypt’s ancient cities and landscapes

The name ‘Egypt’ immediately creates exotic images of ancient pyramids housing pharaoh’s tombs and lush, palm-fringed oases that emerge within sprawling deserts.

Egypt Top Destinations

Great Sphinx, Pyramids of Menkaure and Khafre in background

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the world’s most celebrated ancient wonders and wandering the interior passages of these tombs, together with visiting the nearby recumbent lion of the Temple of the Sphinx, is a highlight of any trip to Egypt. For the best photographs, camel trek into the surrounding desert.

Abu Simbel, Great Temple of Ramesses II

Abu Simbel Temple

The immense statues, pillars and inscriptions of the rock temples of Abu Simbel lie on the far southern shores of Lake Nasser, and are a magnificent example of ancient Egyptian architecture, including the Great Temple, dedicated to Ramses, and Small Temple, built in honour of Nefertari.

Farafra, White Desert

Black and White Deserts

From the elevated position of ‘English Mountain’, a stunning panorama overlooks the dark dolerite mountains of the Black desert, a volcanic landscape where dinosaur skeletons have been uncovered. In contrast is the nearby White Desert, where animal-like white chalk rock formations mushroom from the Farafra Depression and natural springs feed lush oases.

Edfu, Temple of Edfu-Horus, View of Pylon

Ptolemaic Temple at Edfu

One of Egypt’s best-preserved temples, the Ptolemaic Temple at Edfu exhibits elaborately carved reliefs that depict ancient myths, religions and conflicts. It was dedicated to the Egyptian deity, Horus, and, combined with the nearby double temple of Kom Ombo, is essential for those interested in Egypt’s rich architectural history.

Luxor, Desert Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Valley of the Kings and Queens

The rock-cut tombs of the Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens were built to house the remains of Egypt’s pharaohs and their wives, with the nearby Deir el Medina housing the artisan workers. Displaying intricate carvings, their isolation within the barren hills west of Luxor was designed to deter tomb raiders.

Siwa Oasis, Aghurmi, Oracle Temple

Siwa Oasis

Dotted with natural springs, the lush gardens of the Siwa Oasis spring from the surrounding desert and are home to the famed Temple of the Oracle, which Alexander the Great is believed to have consulted his destiny, as well as Cleopatra’s Pool where the Egyptian queen once bathed.

Sinai, St Catherine Monastery

Sinai Peninsula

Featuring a spectacular desert mountain range, surrounded by the marine rich waters of the Red Sea and Mediterranean, the triangular Sinai Peninsula is home to the famed pilgrimage site of Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments, as well as the world’s oldest continually-inhabited Christian monastery at Saint Catherine’s.

Egypt Top Cities

Cairo, Grand Mosques


Egypt’s chaotic capital, Cairo, is a feast for the senses, where ancient Coptic and Greek Orthodox Churches are juxtaposed against elaborate mosques like the grand Al-Hussein. It is home to the Egyptian Museum, boasting more than 100,000 ancient Egyptian antiquities, including Tutankhamun’s Tomb, while its vibrant neighbourhoods and souks are a fascinating place to soak up local culture.

Alexandria, Qaitbey Citadel


Arrive in Alexandria and you could be forgiven you were in Europe with its Mediterranean-style architecture and wide boulevards. Named after its founder, Alexander the Great, the city is home to the fortified Qaitbey Citadel, built in defence of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish-Florentine style Royal Gardens of Montazah, and the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa archaeological site.

Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea Coastline

Sharm el Sheikh

The historic Old Town of Sharm el Sheikh on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula has been transformed into one of Egypt’s most popular beach resorts. With the underwater world of the Red Sea on its doorstep and a white strip of sand lined with luxury hotels, it also boasts a pulsing nightlife.

Aswan, Philae Temple Columns


Home to one of Egypt’s best bazaars and the High Dam that transformed the lives of millions living along the length of the Nile, Aswan is the launching point for the archaeological ruins and Nubian culture on Elephantine Island, the island Temple of Philae and the Temple of Kalabsha with its beautifully carved reliefs, as well as the Unfinished Obelisk.

Luxor, Colossi of Memnon, Pharaoh Amenhotep III Statues


The temples and tombs of Luxor make it one of Egypt’s most fascinating historic cities, including the outstanding Karnak Temple. Visit the immense stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III at the Colossi of Memnon and the grand Luxor Temple, built from Nubian sandstone and beautifully lit at night.

Hurghada, Beach with Palms Tree


Situated on the Red Sea’s western edge, Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most established beach resorts, within a short boat ride to the island paradise of Giftun and the spectacular diving of Fanadhir Reef. Combining magnificent coastal scenery with a laid-back beach vibe, Hurghada sprawls south towards Makadi Bay, ideal for those after a quieter scene.

Egyptian Unique Experiences

Sharm El Sheikh, Scuba Diver exploring Coral Reef

Dive in Ras Mohammed Marine Park

The Red Sea is a diver’s paradise and Ras Mohammed Marine Park is one of its most impressive destinations. Home to a vibrant marine life, including colourful corals and large schools of pelagic fish, it is accessed from either Sharm el Sheikh, Ras Um Sid or Shark’s Bay.

Aswan, The Nile, Sailing Boat

Take a luxury cruise along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan

Cruise along Egypt’s lifeblood from Luxor to Aswan, taking in the 5,000 year history of its temples, tombs and ruins while fishermen in traditional feluccas ply its waters and the hum of local Nile life beats alongside.

Camel ride in Egyptian desert

Camel trek through deserts and oases

Experience Egypt’s deserts and oases like traditional nomads on camel-back, following ancient caravan routes between natural springs and unique cultures. Visit the easy-to-access Bahariya Desert with its rich agricultural history, or venture into the diverse landscapes of the Libyan Desert.

Aswan, Nubian Village on Nile River

Witness Nubian life on Elephantine Island

For a glimpse into the preserved Nubian way of life, complete with its own language and customs, visit the villages of Elephantine Island, dotted with archaeological ruins and the ancient fortified town of Yebu.

Fayoum, Lake Qaroon, Famous Oasis in Desert

Visit the historic valleys surrounding Al-Fayoum Oasis

The fertile Al-Fayoum Oasis, dotted with traditional pottery villages, is home to lush Wadi Al-Rayan Valley, whose waterfalls and flamingo-dotted lakes are fed by natural springs, as well as Wadi Al-Hetan where fossil remains of early whales offer an astounding evolutionary insight.

Best time to visit to Egypt

June to August. The searing Summer heat makes Upper Egypt (including Cairo, Luxor and Aswan) as well as the desert regions unbearable, and with most locals escaping the muggy capital during this time, the more temperate Mediterranean region is heavily crowded.

September to November. Milder temperatures across the country make Autumn an ideal time to travel throughout Upper Egypt and the deserts, with warm weather still prevailing along the beach resorts of the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

December to February. The high season throughout Upper Egypt coincides with the Christmas and New Year holidays when crowds of tourists descend on all its major sights, while cool temperatures and higher winds can be expected along the Mediterranean coast and desert nights are chilly.

March to May. Spring is an ideal time to avoid the heat and the crowds, although Easter sees a peak in tourists across the country and intense sandstorms are known to blow across the Western Desert as far as Cairo.

Egyptian Ethnic Groups

Egyptian Berber Girl, Working in Village


Traditionally a nomadic tribe, the indigenous Berber people inhabit a region stretching from the Sahara across the north of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea and their culture within Egypt’s west has been depicted on Egyptian tomb paintings dating back thousands of years. Semi-subsistence farmers and Sunni Muslims, they are known for their artisan trades, including pottery, weaving and copper work.

Aswan, Nubian Village, Coffe Making


The traditional inhabitants of the Nile Valley, the Nubians are today concentrated around Aswan where traditional villages with brightly painted houses can be visited, particularly on Elephantine Island. Known for their unique shamsi bread and handicrafts, the Nubians are famously hospitable, and felucca trips offer a fascinating insight into this ancient culture.

Festivals in Egypt


Moulid an-Nabi Festival

Marking the birth of the prophet Mohammed, Moulid an-Nabi is one of Egypt’s most important Islamic festivals, celebrated with parades and processions of dancers, musicians and acrobats throughout the country’s cities. Fairs and food stalls line the streets, selling hummus and halawet el-moulid - foods prepared especially for this festival.

Abu Simbel, Great Temple of Ramesses II

Abu Simbel Festival

The Abu Simbel Festival celebrates Ramses II spectacular engineering feat, with crowds filling the Abu Simbel Temple at sunrise as the first rays of light ignite the statues of Ramses, Ra and Amun, just as he designed it to happen. This is followed by music, dancing and feasting outside the temple.

Leylet en Nuktah Festival

Once celebrated with sacrifices of women, the yearly rise of the Nile River and its flooding which feeds the fertile Delta soils is today celebrated by picnicking along the river banks and partying in the streets in a festival known as Leylet en Nuktah. Balls of dough are left outside at nightfall and the cracks that appear used to predict future fortunes.

Egyptian Gastronomy

With some dishes that date back to Ancient Egypt, the country’s cuisine has a 5,000 year legacy. The beans, lentils and vegetables produced in the the fertile Nile Delta have been combined over the years with ingredients brought by successive traders from abroad, while the Egyptian Bread known as aish has remained the staple accompaniment to most dishes, as well as a form of cutlery used to ‘spoon’ food.



Combining pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, garlic, tomato sauce and caramelised onion, Kushari is one of Egypt’s national dishes, despite using ingredients brought from abroad and originating with the British Army. A hearty, vegetarian dish, it is served across Egypt in local restaurants.

Ful Medames

Ful Medames

Originating with the ancient Pharaohs, the staple dish of Ful Medames, combining lava beans with garlic and lemon juice, was traditionally cooked buried in hot coal or sand and served lightly salted within an Egyptian bread bun.



Eaten with Egyptian flatbread or alongside salad, dukkah is a delicious mix of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, including coriander, cumin, pepper, mint that can be bought in small paper cones in local markets.


Traditionally served during the Spring Sham El Nessim festival, Feseekh is fermented, dried and salted fish, eaten alongside onion, lemons and Egyptian bread. It is specially prepared by a fasakhani and stored in glass jars to contain its strong odour.

Shopping in Egypt

Bargaining in Egypt’s souks and bazaars is an essential experience when in the country and both the atmosphere and visual spectacle should not be missed. Without a doubt the Khan el Khalili Market in Cairo’s Hussein District is the country’s most famous, but Luxor and Aswan also boast excellent markets. If you want to buy direct from the maker, there are small artisan workshops selling glass, copper, brassware and jewellery throughout Cairo’s neighbourhoods offering high quality wares.

Arabian Copper Product

Arabian Coffee Pots

The Egyptians are known for their skilful copper and brass work, and Arabian coffee pots, together with other items such as trays and lamps, are sold in most tourist markets, while the ‘Nahaseen’ area of Cairo is lined with copper artisans.

Cairo, Souk, Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals and Bags

High quality leather products, including sandals, shoes and bags, are on display throughout Cairo’s Khan el Khalili bazaar (as well as other tourist markets throughout the country) and are renowned for their craftsmanship.

Egyptian Hand Blown Glass, Muski

Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown glass known as muski has been produced in Egypt since Medieval times and today is fashioned into glasses, vases and candle holders, often painted beautifully in arabic designs. If you want to watch it blown, head to Cairo’s Al-Daour factory.

Other Destinations