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Ecuador Tour Packages for 2019 - 2020

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Train of Wonders and Galapagos

Two magical journeys in a single trip. Cross the Andes on the Train of Wonders as you discover indigenous towns, then sail across the superb landscapes of the Galapagos Islands while you spot its unique animal species. 

itinerary: Quito - Otavalo - Urbina - Bucay - Guayaquil - Churute - Galapagos Islands - Quito

Taste of Ecuador & Galapagos

Open your eyes to the fascinating nature and wildlife of Ecuador. Visit the sublime landscapes of Quilotoa Volcano, the indigenous town of Otavalo, and a 5-day cruise at the Galapagos Islands. 

itinerary: Quito - Quilotoa Lake - Galapagos Islands - Otavalo - Quito

Voyage to Galapagos

Fall in love with nature in this in-depth voyage across the Galapagos Islands. Cruise secluded bays, descend to active volcanoes and close your visit at the hummingbird's viewing paradise. 

itinerary: Quito - Galapagos Islands - Quito

Best of Ecuador

Let the beauty of Ecuador seduce you. Explore its colonial cities and indigenous markets, hike the volcanic lakes of the Andes Range, and sail to the Galapagos Islands on a luxury cruise. 

itinerary: Quito - Otavalo - Cotopaxi - Baños - Galapagos Islands - Quito

Ecuador Nature Lovers

Fill your honeymoon with unique places and unforgettable memories. Explore the colonial heritage of Quito, go deep down the Amazon jungle, and travel on a luxury yacht around the Galapagos Islands. 

itinerary: Quito - Amazon Jungle - Galapagos Islands - Quito

Deep Down the Amazon

Explore one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth visiting the Amazon Jungle, the breathtaking volcanic lakes of Quilotoa and Cuicocha, and hunting for treasures at the indigenous market of Otavalo. 

itinerary: Quito - Cotopaxi - Cuicocha Lake - Yasuni - Quito
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Machu Picchu and Galapagos

Explore the rich heritage of Cusco in Peru before you take on two of South America's jewels: the sacred city of Machu Picchu and the wildlife oasis of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. 

itinerary: Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Macchu Picchu - Galapagos Islands - Otavalo - Quito

Ecuador Travel Guide

Travel Guide

5 reasons why you should visit Ecuador Amazon

While Ecuador only lays claim to a small portion, it’s one of the most diverse and spectacular regions, with dense tracts of jungle, tranquil lagoons and chocolate-coloured rivers.

Travel Guide

Top 10 wildlife species to spot in the Galapagos Islands

It’s no secret that the Galapagos Islands are a wildlife viewing paradise, with endemic creatures that are found nowhere else on Earth and unique subspecies that have evolved specific traits.

Ecuador Top Destinations

Birds, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Cruise through the Galapagos’ wildlife-rich islands

Experience the endemic animal species of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Galapagos Islands on a multi-day cruise through its spectacular volcanic landscapes. Follow in Charles Darwin’s footsteps while hiking to seabird colonies, spotting colourful land and marine iguanas and witnessing giant Galapagos tortoises up close.

Mola Mola Fish, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Discover the Galapagos’ underwater wonders on a liveaboard dive trip

Come face-to-face with hammerhead sharks, marine iguanas, sea lions, eagle rays, penguins, immense mola mola sun fish and whale sharks on a multi-day Galapagos dive cruise. Discover its abundant marine life and volcanic underwater landscapes, accessing little visited islands on small-scale catamarans.

Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Embark on an adventure tour through Cotopaxi’s volcanic landscapes

Photograph the reflective waters of Laguna de Limpiopungo and hike through orange-flowering Chuquirahuas forests on a day trip to Cotopaxi Volcano, then get your adrenalin pumping on a downhill mountain biking adventure, backed by its snow-capped peak.

Quito Colonial Balconies, Ecuador

Admire the colonial architecture of Quito’s picturesque Old Town

Explore the 16th-century churches and plazas of Quito’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town, built on the foundations of an ancient Incan city in the Andean foothills. Wander through the main square of Plaza Grande and admire the ornate architecture of the Quito Cathedral and Church of La Compañia de Jesus.

Amazon Trees, Ecuador

Venture off-the-beaten-track in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Trek through untouched tracts of rainforest to discover unique plant and animal species, go kayaking along tranquil waterways to indigenous villages and wake to the sound of birdcalls during a jungle lodge-based adventure in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Traditional Dolls, Otavalo Market, Ecuador

Shop for indigenous textiles at the Otavalo Market

Admire Otavaleño weavings and handmade crafts at the weekly Otavalo Market, South America’s largest indigenous market, which brings together colourfully dressed locals from the surrounding Andean highlands. Then visit the Tejidos El Obraje Museum to see how these textiles are crafted in traditional weaving demonstrations.

Cajas National Park, Ecuador

Make a pilgrimage to Cajas National Park

Trek through the evergreen cloud forests of Cajas National Park to the glacial lakes of Laguna Toreadora and Laguna Totoras while Andean condors soar above. Then visit Cajas’ pilgrimage site of Santuario de la Virgen del Cajas or follow the scenic San Luis trail through its cordillera-backed grasslands.

Ecuadorian Unique Experiences

Quilotoa Lake, Ecuador

Hike to the surreal crater lake of Laguna Quilotoa

Witness one of South America’s most beautiful natural wonders, Laguna Quilotoa, on the short walk to its rim or embark on the multi-day, village-to-village hike of the Quilotoa Traverse to discover the indigenous culture and rural lifestyle of the Ecuadorian Andes.

End of the World Swing, Banos, Ecuador

Soak in Baños healing mud baths

Take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the Baños mud baths’ volcanically-heated waters while soaking in its pools of varying temperatures. Then admire the breathtaking views of Tungurahua Volcano during an exhilarating swing out across a deep ravine at the nearby "Swing at the End of the World".

Guayaquil Malecon, Ecuador

Experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Guayaquil’s lively malecon

Explore the museums, art galleries, artisan markets and gardens which line the modern riverfront promenade of Malecon Simon Bolivar in Guayaquil while soaking up the lively local atmosphere as families come to stroll and dine at its alfresco restaurants.

Amazon Rafting, Ecuador

Go white water rafting through the Amazon Jungle

Experience the lush tropical rainforests of the Rio Napo and the challenging Class IV rapids of Rio Misahualli on a white water rafting trip along Ecuador’s Amazon River tributaries. Or embark on the multi-day rafting adventure through the spectacular Namangosa Gorge as you travel down the Rio Upano.

Mojanda Lake, Ecuador

Embark on an adventure through Mojanda Lakes’ rugged landscapes

Go trekking through alpine tundra from the azure blue Laguna Grande to Laguna Chiquita and Laguna Negra along the Mojanda Lakes’ picturesque Circuit Route. Or tackle the challenging ascent to the extinct volcanic peak of Fuya Fuya which boasts spectacular views across the Andean highlands.

Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Go hiking through the lush Mindo Cloud Forest

Wake early to spot Andean cock-of-the-rock and yellow breasted antpitta on a birdwatching tour or hike to the cascading waterfalls of Mindo Cloud Forest. Be surrounded by butterflies, get up close to hummingbirds or marvel at the huge diversity of orchid species at Mindo’s nature-based farms.

Loja Musician, Ecuador

Listen to live Latino music in the cultural capital of Loja

Learn about traditional instruments at the Museum of Music in Loja before seeing a live performance of traditional Andean music or salsa in this cultural capital. Then admire the reliefs depicting scenes from the city’s history in Independence Square.

Cuenca Church, Ecuador

Explore Cuenca’s heritage-listed streets

Admire the Spanish colonial architecture built atop carefully carved Incan stone foundations in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Cuenca. Wander the central Parque Calderon, home to both the 19th-century Catedral Nueva and the 16th-century Catedral Vieja, then explore artefacts from the Incan city of Tomebamba in the Museo Pumapungo.

Cotopaxi Trekking, Ecuador

Attempt the challenging trek to Cotopaxi Volcano’s summit

Take in the breathtaking sunrise views across Ecuador on a two-day expedition to the icy summit of one of the tallest volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi (5,897 metres), trekking across its equatorial glacier using crampons on the approach to its spectacular crater rim.

Train of Wonders, Ecuador

Travel through the Andean Highlands on the "Train of Wonders"

Experience the volcano-dotted landscapes and picturesque villages of the Andean Highlands on the "Train of Wonders" trip from Quito to Guayaquil. Travel along the zig-zag pass of "Devil’s Nose" and through tracts of untouched rainforest, before winding through agricultural fields of sugar cane, pineapples and bananas.

Soak up the bohemian beach vibe of Montañita

Enjoy the laid-back beachside bungalows and local seafood restaurants of Montañita on the southern coastline’s Santa Elena peninsula which boasts one of Ecuador’s most attractive stretches of golden sands.

Soak up the colourful celebrations of the Inti Raymi festival

Follow devotees as they bathe in the Peguche Waterfall, cleansing themselves for the start of Otavalo’s Inti Raymi festival which honours the winter solstice (I feel that this information is quite important to explain why the festival is celebrated). Then return to the city as troupes of "san juanitos" lead parades of traditional music and dance to awaken Mother Earth.

Shopping in Ecuador

From large-scale malls in the capital Quito and modern Guayaquil to traditional Andean markets, Ecuador’s shopping covers all spectrums. It’s renowned for its locally-made handicrafts, with the Otavalo Market one of the best places to pick up unique Ecuadorian souvenirs. But weekly markets occur in towns across the country, bringing together traditionally-dressed villagers from neighbouring communities to sell everything from alpaca sweaters and jewellery to paintings and ceramics.

Panama Hats

Panama Hats

The name might be deceiving, but Panama hats are originally from Ecuador and a popular (and practical) memento to take back home. Cuenca and Montecristi are particularly famed for making these straw hats (with numerous hat factories which you can visit), but they can be purchased at tourist markets and souvenir stalls across the country.

Ecuador Woven Belts

Woven Belts

Wide belts woven in intricate patterns and designs are worn as part of traditional Ecuadorian costume and they make for a colourful souvenir to add to your wardrobe. Otavalo is famed throughout Ecuador for its traditional weaving and the best place to pick up a genuine, hand-made belt.

Leather Goods

Leather Goods

From bags and satchels to belts, shoes and jackets, Ecuadorian leather goods are of a high quality and reasonably priced. Head to Cotacachi which is situated to the northwest of Otavalo for one of the best selections of leather goods in the country.


Ponchos made from alpaca wool are worn across the Andes region, being both practical and incredibly warm. They’re available in a range of colours and patterns, from bright reds to earthy browns, with a good choice at the Otavalo Market.

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