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Set in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan is home to glorious landscapes and buddhist monasteries that, due to their low-impact tourism policy, remain largely untouched. Come and be one of the first to discover it.
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The jungle-clad temples of Angkor, secluded tropical islands, sleepy towns along the Mekong River and colorful Khmer villages. Top it off with the smiles of its charming folk and Cambodia should jump to the top of your bucket list.
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From blazing deserts and snow-capped peaks to lush jungles and golden beaches, from the Taj Mahal, the Ganges and a myriad of holy cities to vibrant festivals and tiger reserves, India has all you need for the trip of a lifetime.
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Thousands of volcanic islands are home to countless ethnic groups, picture perfect balinese temples, blissful beaches, steamy jungles and unique wildlife –featuring Komodo dragons, orangutans and the world's top diving sites.
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Soak in the quaint life of the Mekong, feel the warmth of an authentic homestay in ethnic villages, explore magnificent buddhist temples, or venture to lush jungles on intrepid trekking expeditions. Laos will give you a real taste of Asia.
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Mongolia is home to vast steppes, the freezing taiga, the Gobi Desert and remote buddhist monasteries. Ride across its rugged landscapes as you stay in traditional ger camps and meet nomadic people who still live by their ancient traditions.
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One of the hottest detinations in South East Asia, Myanmar is known for its glittering golden pagodas, gargantuan Buddhas, gorgeous tropical landscapes and a rich mosaic of ethnic groups that will just take your breath away.
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Blessed with the most spectacular trekking trails, Nepal is the land of the world's highest mountains, serene stupas and an authentic haven for yoga and meditation. You might first come for the mountains, but be sure you will return for the people.
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sri lanka

Heavenly palm-fringed beaches, buddhist remains of ancient empires, nature reserves teeming with wildlife and tea plantations that stretch as far as the eye can see. Sri Lanka is the place where dreams come true.
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Enjoy the white sand and karst landscapes of its world-class beaches, go jungle trekking as you visit a plethora of proud ethnic villages, pay your respects at hundreds of buddhist temples or simply relax with a soothing Thai massage.
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North Vietnam boasts charming ethnic villages, sublime terraced rice fields and the majestic karst islands of Halong Bay, while the south is home to the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, vibrant cities and alluring tropical beaches.
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Botswana is a top safari destination that features one of the highest populations of elephants, lions and buffaloes. Explore the grasslands of the Chobe and Moremi reserves, then go on a river safari to the Okavango Delta wetlands.
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Cruise along the Nile as you discover the ancient temples and pyramids of the pharaohs, embark on an adventure to the dunes and surreal rock formations of the Sahara desert, or dive in the spectacular reefs of the Red Sea.
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Marvel at the rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, visit the lava lakes and volcanic landscapes of the Danakil Depression, hike among gelada baboons in the scenic Simien Mountains, or visit colorful tribes such as the Mursi and Hamer in the Omo Valley.
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The Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu. Kenya is the archetypical image of the African savannah, but also a pleasant surprise that awaits with a rich mosaic of indigenous cultures, superb landscapes and pristine tropical beaches.
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Fall under the spell of the breathtaking Namib Desert, explore surreal ghost towns covered in sand, have a glimpse into the life of its desert tribes and crown your trip with the largest congregations of wildlife in Etosha National Park.
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Home to the fascinating wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania is a must for safari lovers. Spot the Big 5 on its myriad of reserves, conquer the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro or just relax at the palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar.
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Uganda offers some of the best wildlife trekking with close encounters with the mighty mountain gorilla. Combine your adventure with a classic savannah safari, a thrilling rafting experience, or the white sand islands of Lake Victoria.
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With some of the least crowded reserves, Zambia stands as one of the top luxury safari destinations. Participate in a unique walking safari as you observe animals behind the bush, then pump up your adrenaline at the thundering Victoria Falls.
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From canoe safaris in the Zambezi river to walking safaris in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe shows you wildlife with a twist. Top is off with Victoria Falls and the historical Great Zimbabwe, and you have the recipe for an authentic African adventure.
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The glaciers of the Patagonia, trekking circuits all over the Andes, tango and fine dining in Buenos Aires, the infinite vineyards of Mendoza and the picture-perfect Iguazu Falls. What else can you ask from a single trip?
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Explore the indigenous communities of Lake Titicaca, drive across the landscapes and geological wonders of the Uyuni Salt Flats, then venture to the Amazon jungles of Pampas del Yacuma and Madidi National Park.
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Find paradise at secluded tropical beaches, walk the cobbled streets of colonial towns, trek the Andes in search of hidden ruins, or have unique wildlife encounters in the heart of the Amazon. Colombia has something for everyone.
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costa rica

Beach hotspots on the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, thundering waterfalls, thriving coffee estates, expeditions to active and dormant volcanoes, exciting adventures in cloud forests and a staggering biodiversity matched by few.
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An authentic wildlife oasis. Amazon expeditions, Andean landscapes, imposing volcanoes, indigenous villages, colonial towns and catamaran cruises to the land that inspired Charles Darwin's work: the mythical Galapagos Islands.
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Embark on an adventure on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, stand in awe at the mighty mountains and canyons of the Andes range, meet a myriad of proud indigenous groups, or simply enjoy one of the top gastronomies in the world.
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Find a hidden world of ancient ruins and jungle-clad pyramids, walk the streets of the most romantic colonial towns in the Americas, sample one of the world's top cuisines and discover gorgeous beaches everywhere you look.
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Travel back in time to a land of seasinde towns, mighty castles and breathtaking scenery. From bustling metropolis to medieval villages and sun-kissed beaches, the only thing you won't find in Portugal is time to see it all.
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One of the smallest countries in Europe, Moldova is not short on reasons to visit. From rock hewn monasteries, soviet era remains and a massive network of underground wineries, Moldova has all the ingredients for a perfect trip.
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