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Caribbean to Pacific

Discover the most spectacular beaches and national parks of Costa Rica. Cross hanging bridges, get up close and personal with an active volcano, and spot monkeys, colorful reptiles and majestic birds. 

itinerary: San Jose - Tortuguero - Puerto Viejo - Sarapiqui - Arenal Volcano - Monteverde - Manuel Antonio - San Jose
costa rica

Volcanoes and Beaches

Live this awesome experience that combines the most striking landscapes of Costa Rica with a good dose of sun and sand in its idyllic beaches. Walks in the jungle, nature reserves, volcanoes and much more. 

itinerary: San Jose - Poas Volcano - Arenal Volcano - Caño Negro - Playa Hermosa - Las Pumas - San Jose
costa rica

Classic Costa Rica

Dive in a sea of biodiversity in the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica. Explore volcanoes, walk over hanging bridges in the jungle, visit a coffee estate, and the largest turtle protected reserve in the continent. 

itinerary: San Jose - Doka Estate - Poas Volcano - Tortuguero - Arenal Volcano - Monteverde - Tamarindo - San Jose
costa rica

Discover Costa Rica

Taste the best of Costa Rica visiting the largest turtle nesting site in the Americas, the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano, and the wealth of nature and wildlife in the paradise reserve of Manuel Antonio. 

itinerary: San Jose - Tortuguero - Arenal Volcano - Manuel Antonio - San Jose

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Travel Guide

6 adventure experiences in Costa Rica

From being immersed in wildlife-filled cloud forests to swimming amidst a myriad of colourful fish, there’s no better place to discover your sense of adventure.

Travel Guide

Top wildlife species in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has set a shining example when it comes to conservation, harnessing the economic benefits of ecotourism to protect vast swathes of protected forests that house a staggering biodiversity.

Costa Rica Top Destinations

Sloth, Costa Rica rainforest

Experience the diverse wildlife on a rainforest tour

Go hiking or travel by horseback through untouched forests of Costa Rica to witness its staggering diversity of plant and animal life. Spot tropical birds, monkeys and sloths on a guided rainforest tour and go kayaking along the surrounding waterways to glimpse turtles, caimans and manatees.

Secluded Beach in Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Relax on the Pacific and Caribbean beaches

From the luxury beach resorts of Tamarindo to the undeveloped turtle sanctuary of Montezuma and the surf breaks of Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts have beaches to suit all types of traveler. Relax on the idyllic white sands of Manuel Antonio, sample Afro-Caribbean fusion cuisine on the beaches of Puerto Viejo or go snorkelling to spot dolphins and manatees at Gandoca-Manzanillo Beach.

Arenal Skywalk, Costa Rica

Go on a ziplining or skywalk canopy adventure through the rainforest

Gain a completely different perspective of Costa Rica’s rainforests on an adrenalin-pumping ziplining adventure. Fly through the rainforest canopies of Arenal, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio or Jaco while spotting tropical birds and monkeys or enjoy the views on a more relaxed aerial tram or skywalk tour.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Soak in the Tabacon hot springs beneath the mighty Arenal Volcano

After trekking along the slopes of Arenal Volcano, relax in the naturally flowing hot springs of one of the region’s spa resorts. Cascading waterfalls and pools of varying temperatures nestle with the lush forest, creating an idyllic sanctuary to unwind.

Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

Luxuriate in the natural setting of Costa Rica’s chic eco lodges

Kick back in one of Costa Rica’s luxury eco lodges which boast spectacular settings and a low-impact presence, exemplifying the country’s dedication to green tourism. From riverfront bungalows to cabins nestled in the rainforest and organic farms, there’s an eco lodge to suit all type of traveler.

Costa Rican Unique Experiences

Pacuare River Rafting, Costa Rica

Embark on a Pacuaré River white-water rafting adventure

Venture through lush rainforests from the Talamanca Mountains to the Caribbean Sea on a thrilling Pacuaré River white-water rafting adventure. Tumble down cascading rapids amidst walls of thick greenery while spotting toucans, sloths and butterflies, then soak up the scenery as you glide through the picturesque Valle del Pacuare.

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

Marvel at the lunar-like landscapes of Poas Volcano

Witness the stunted cloud forests and crater lakes of Poas Volcano on a self-guided hike from its visitor’s centre. Head out in the early morning before heavy cloud shrouds the views, offering the best chance of spotting clay-coloured robins, tanagers, hummingbirds and resplendent quetzals.

Cocos Island Diving, Costa Rica

Scuba dive around Isla de Cocos on a liveaboard adventure

Explore the steep walls, deep pinnacles and drift dives of Isla de Cocos on a multi-day dive cruise. Situated more than 500 kilometres off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, this marine park is home to a myriad of tropical fish, scalloped hammerhead sharks, manta rays, moray eels and whale sharks.

Golfo Dulce Kayak, Costa Rica

Kayak through Golfo Dulce’s tropical waters

Slowly paddle through the tranquil waters of the Osa Peninsula’s Golfo Dulce on a kayaking excursion. Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fjords in the world, framed by lush jungle and home to dolphins, rays, turtles and migrating humpback whales.

Costa Rican Coffee Plantation

Sample high-quality coffee blends at a traditional plantation

Taste from bean to cup on a highland coffee tour through one of Costa Rica’s working plantations and roasteries, meeting the farmers who work behind the scenes to create your morning brew while learning all about the production process.

Sarchi Oxcart, Costa Rica

Admire Sarchi’s intricate, traditional oxcart paintings

Join a guided oxcart factory tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at Sarchi’s long-established artisan tradition and watch as skilled artists paint them by hand, then see colourful carts from across the country during the annual Oxcart Festival of Escazu.

Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica

Explore Zarcero hill station’s surreal topiary gardens

Marvel at the whimsical topiary of Zarcero’s Parque Francisco Alvarado in the highlands of the Central Valley, with monkeys, dinosaurs, elephants and oxcarts all depicted. Then admire its late 19th century Iglesia de San Rafael which is adorned with elaborate religious paintings and pastel stencil work.

Trek through the Talamanca Range to indigenous Cabecar villages

Experience the traditional lifestyle of the indigenous Cabecar people on a cultural trek to their ancestral homelands in the Talamanca Ranges. See how they live in harmony with nature and learn about their subsistence lifestyle on a tropical garden tour.

Participate in Fiesta de los Diablitos’ masked celebrations

Experience the dancing and traditional costumes of Fiesta de los Diablitos in the villages of Boruca and Rey Curre. It celebrates the Boruca tribe’s victory over the Spanish conquistadors, with village men dressing up as diablitos and bulls to dance around a fire, wearing masks that honour their animal spirits.

Nature and Wildlife in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Witness the incredible biodiversity of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Shrouded in clouds, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve boasts 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity and one of the earth’s largest orchid collections. Head out on an early morning birdwatching tour to spot colourful resplendent quetzal or experience the canopy from above on its aerial tram and hanging bridge.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Go jungle trekking in Corcovado National Park

Get off-the-beaten-track to explore the Osa Peninsula’s lowland forests and mangrove swamps on one of the lengthy treks through Corcovado National Park. All four of Costa Rica’s monkeys can be seen in this biodiverse region, together scarlet macaws and the elusive Baird’s tapir.

Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

Spot turtles in the waters of Tortuguero National Park

Slowly paddle through the waterways of Tortuguero National Park to spot its impressive birdlife on a kayaking expedition. Then join a night tour at its turtle breeding site where baby sea turtles can be seen scrambling towards the shore from November to January.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Explore the jungles and beaches of Manuel Antonio

Wake early to beat the crowds on a hike through the rugged rainforests of Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks. Spot three-toed sloths and white-faced capuchins in this popular destination, then go snorkeling from one of its idyllic stretches of beach.

Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica

Go birdwatching in Palo Verde National Park’s wetlands

Spot cattle egrets, roseate spoonbills, black-crowned night herons and snail kites at aptly-named Isla de Pajaros (Bird Island) within the wetlands of Palo Verde National Park which sprawls along the banks of the Tempisque River.

Cerro Chirripo, Costa Rica

Embark on a trekking adventure to Cerro Chirripó’s peak

Attempt Costa Rica’s highest peak of Cerro Chirripó along the 20 kilometre-long trail which departs from the mountain village of San Gerardo de Rivas. Pass through cloud forest and unique páramos ecosystems en route to its 3,820 metres summit, from where there are sweeping panoramas across the Talamanca Mountains and (on clear days) both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

Take a boat tour through Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Spot blue-grey tanagers, red-legged honeycreepers and yellow-throated euphonia while cruising along the Rio Frío in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. It’s a key stop for migratory bird species in Central America, as well as three-toed sloths, caimans, spider, howler and white-faced monkeys.

Costa Rica Beach Life

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Indulge in a luxury beach resort in Guanacaste’s Tamarindo

Take advantage of the international restaurants, shopping and nightlife of Tamarindo, one of Costa Rica’s liveliest beach party towns. By day you can enjoy a range of water-based activities or just relax on the beige sands, then soak up the sunset on a sailing excursion.

Puerto Viejo Beach, Costa Rica

Soak up the Afro-Caribbean vibes of Puerto Viejo

Kick back on the alluring beaches of Puerto Viejo, which boast a distinct Afro-Caribbean culture. It’s home to reggae bars and restaurants dishing up organic fusion cuisine, as well as yoga schools and a 13 kilometre-long stretch of the Caribbean to discover.

Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

Relax on the black sands of Cahuita’s Playa Negra

Venture to the remote and uncrowded black sands of Playa Negra, which lies adjacent to the untouched coral reefs and wildlife-rich forests of Cahuita National Park. Then witness the surf break of "Little Hawaii" at nearby Avellana which was made famous in the cult surf film "Endless Summer II".

Santa Teresa Surf, Costa Rica

Learn to surf at Mal País or Santa Teresa

Take your first surf steps with a lesson in the laid-back beach resort of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula or its sleepy neighbouring hamlet of Mal Pais, then embark on a boat tour through the picturesque nature reserve of Cabo Blanco.

Montezuma Waterfall, Costa Rica

Enjoy the serenity on the quiet beaches of Montezuma

Go fossicking in the natural rock pools along the beige sands of Montezuma, which have are mellow, romantic ambiance. Then hike to the spectacular Montezuma Waterfall to bathe in its natural pools or see newly-hatched turtles in the sanctuary at Romelia Wildlife Reserve.

Gandoca-Manzanillo Beaches, Costa Rica

Go snorkelling at Playa Gandoca-Manzanillo

Spot dolphins and manatees, together with leatherback, green and hawksbill turtles while snorkelling in Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Its white sandy beach stretches out to a healthy coral reef, while inland forests support a plethora of tropical birds, including the elusive harpy eagle.

Shopping in Costa Rica

Guaitil Ceramics

Guaitíl Ceramics

The small Guanacaste town of Guaitíl is famed for its ceramics, with numerous workshops and studios where you can see pottery being crafted by local artisans and purchase a unique, handmade gift to take home.

Sarchí Oxcarts

Sarchí Oxcarts

While life-size oxcarts featuring Sarchí’s intricately painted designs can be disassembled and shipped home, there are also miniature versions of these colourful carts available for sale to fit easily into your luggage.

Costa Rica Carved Mask

Carved Masks

Costa Rica’s indigenous Boruca people are known for their carved masks which are found in handicraft gift stores across the country. Look for the carver’s signature to ensure their authenticity or buy directly from Boruca villages if possible.

Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican coffee is among the best in the world and purchasing beans to take back home makes for an affordable and authentic gift, while supporting local growers and roasters at the same time.

Other Destinations