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About us

Our story is not atypical; what unites us is our shared passion for meaningful experiences. We seek those special moments that beg to be relived and over which we reminisce long afterwards. Our eyes shine when we hear the word "travel", in all of its different forms: as a backpacker, when we just have to, going with an agency or enjoying some luxury, because sometimes, there are special moments in the life that deserve to be celebrated or lived in a special way.)

We really are sincere when we say that each trip is an experience and each of us have the right to have that experience suits his or her nature and the personal moments one experiences here and now: some travel like explorers, others prefer to withdraw and relax. Well, LookIwasThere was made for that: to offer some decent technology to optimize each voyage for the needs of the traveler.)

And there is not much else to say, because believe it or not, the only thing we do is to connect you with local trustable experts who will customize your trip exactly to your needs. We do this thinking of being useful, transparent and honest, and the last of these is very important to us.)

For this reason, the people that gathered to do the project are people just like you -- we have jobs, spouses and (some of us have) kids, people that you could cross paths with on the street as completely normal, mundane, ordinary people. But hey, we are very proud of that. Look at our faces, as you see us passing by, get close to us and say "travel", maybe our eyes will shine ;)

Here is the core team